Episode: 6
Title: Oneechan / Big Sister
Original Air Date: 05.09.96


The class festival is coming up, and Yuko has been nominated by her classmates to write out a skit for them to perform. Honored and a little bit intimidated by the challenge, Yuko sets out to write a good script. However she gets into some arguments with her sister that leave her feeling upset. When she brings the first draft of her skit to her classmates, it is rejected with many changes requested. This upsets Yuko, and makes her doubt her writing talent. She hears others talk about how unsuitable her writing was, and she feels even worse. At home, Yuko tries to write another skit, but her lack of confidence drives her to procrastination and writer's block. Her sister looks on at Yuko's strugles. Late that night, Yuko becomes upset because she still doesn't have a workable script done. Then she gets a phone call. It's Hiroshi! Will he be able to restore her confidence? Can Yuko finish a new script in time, and will the class like it?

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