Episode: 7
Title: Kurisumasu Kai / The Christmas Party
Original Air Date: 05.16.96


It's the Holiday Season, and time for Maririn and Rumiko's annual Christmas Party. they invite Yuko andHiroshi to the party. Excited about this, Yuko also invites Taka-chan along, only to discover to her horror, that Rumiko and Maririn did not want to invite Taka-chan along! What will Yuko do? She already invited Tak-chan to the party. Should she lie to her? Make up excuses? Cancel the invitation? Yuko doesn't want to hurt Taka-chan's feelings, but she really wants to go to the party. Why do Rumiko and Maririn not want Taka-chan there anyway? Hiroshi has a Christmas gift for Yuko.

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