Episode: 8
Title: Barentain Dee / Valentine's Day
Original Air Date: 05.23.96


It's that wonderful annual event that has all the girls at Yuko's school preoccupied. Valentine's Day is celebrated by girls giving boys chocolates. A special chocolate is given to a boy that a girl particularily likes. Yuko wants to give Hiroshi a special chocolate, so she tries to make him a special chocolate, with interesting results. Trying to keep her chocolates for Hiroshi away from her father's hungry mouth is another obstacle. Valentine's day at school is a mad rush, as girls swarm around all the guys, giving them their candy. Yuko tries to find the right moment to give her chocolates to Hiroshi, but keeps seeing other girls giving im chocolate first. Then Yuko discovers her chocolate for Hiroshi has gone missing form her desk! Suspicion turns to their teacher, who it seems has confiscated all chocolate and put it in the trash! What will Yuko do? Will she find a way to convince sensei to give the girls their chocolate back? Will she ever give Hiroshi her candy?

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