The Music

Mizuiro Jidai has 1 opening song and 2 ending songs. The first opening and ending are beautiful songst that touch on the time of being young, while the 2nd ending song is a much more cheerful, genki song :) I like all three songs very much :)

Opening Song Lyrics and translation
Closing Songs Lyrics

Mizuiro Jidai Single

This series came out several years ago, so it will probably be difficult to find the soundtracks for it still. Unfortunately, I do not know where you can purchase the cds, sorry!

Mizuiro Jidai: Single: Columbia / CODC-938/ 1100
(Opening Theme, First Ending Theme, and Karaoke versions)

Mizuiro Jidai Single: Yakusoku wa Alright!: Columbia /CODC-1058 1,100
(Second ending song)

Mizuiro Jidai: Character Song Collection: Columbia / COCC-13575 / 2800
(Opening theme, Yuko,Taka-chan, and others sing)

Mizuiro Jidai Original Album: Pony Canyon / PCCG-00222 2,800
(Image Album)

Mizuiro Jidai: Original Soundtrack: Columbia /COCC-13981 2,800