What exactly is this page about? Well, I have picked up this horrible, money-draining habit -- Buying random shoujo manga. I purchase manga based solely on cute cover art, having no idea whatsoever what the stories may be, or who the artists are. I have found some pretty cool little manga series this way, so I figured I would make this page to share with everyone of the fun things I've discovered! :)

Shoujo Manga is manga aimed at young girls and early teen girls. However I have included some series on this page that are aimed at a somewhat older audience- late teens, young women. Technically that manga shouldn't really be considered to be shoujo but instead should be classified as josei or maybe seinen. However, to make things simpler for me, I am lumping every manga aimed towards a female (young or old) under this shoujo page heading. Just be aware that shoujo is really stuff aimed at younger girls. ^_^;

Okay, a Note on my summaries...

I will provide a scan of the cover, and a pic from the interior, along with general info about the titles (title, author, ISBN)and then I'll babble a bit about the story inside. When I list the author's name, I will type the person's last name in all capital letters, so you can tell which is the first name and which is the last (or family) name :) Who knows, maybe some of y'all will think the manga series are cool too, pick them up as well,and then they will gain more recognition and rise above random status!

Please also note that all of these series I am summarizing are in Japanese, and, while my Japanese skills are okay enough for me to do summaries, complete translations are a bit beyond me, so please don't ask me to translate for you. I wish I could, but I can't ^_^;;

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    09/05/06: Okay! The new version of the site is up and running HERE. Please change your bookmarks and visit that page for further updates. I will not be taking this site down, but it will not be updated. All future updates will be posted there. I already have at least 3 new summaries there right now. So please go check it out! Thanks!

    08/22/06: I am working on a new version of this site. In an effort to motivate myself to update my shoujo manga page more often, I am converting this site to a more blog-like layout, so It will be easier for me to add individual summary entries. I have a test version of the new site online HERE. The official 'launch' of the new site will probably (hopefully) happen the weekend of september 1st. I know the new page isn't as PINK as this one is, but I wanted a little change ^_^ Let me know in the guestbook what you think of the new version! The blog layout will be different, but it will also mean more updates~ Thanks!

    05/07/06: FINALLY!! I did it! An update! Amazing! It has been FOREVER, I know... but I have finally added 7 new manga summaries to this site! Woo hoo!

    One of the most frequent questions I get is if any of the titles I describe are available in English, and if so, where can they be bought. Well, my 'Where to buy' section focuses mainly on getting the Japanese imports of these books, but more and more of these series I summarize are being licensed in English. (It's kind of scary how many, actually ^^ I begin to wonder if manga licensing people are reading my page or something :D) So I have started including a little image next to some of the titles that have been released in English, with a link to one of the places you can buy them at. I will try to add more links soon :D Ahh, my poor page... my beloved series are no longer 'random' anymore!

    Arg, after 8 years, I have managed to lose the list of people I had on my notification list for when this site gets updated. So, I am gonna have to start a new one. If you are interested in signing up for my announcement list to be notified when this page updates, please fill out the form below. As you may have guessed, my updates are kind of rare at the moment, so you will probably only receive 1 or 2 emails a year from this ^_^;;;; (I am trying to update more, really!) Thanks!

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