*Shounen Corner*

Random Shounen Manga Summaries

Okay, I couldn't resist doing this :) For so long I have been doing nothing but summarizing shoujo manga. Well, I also collect some shounen manga too, and I think that some of what I have would be appealing to shoujo manga fans, so I decided to create this little shounen corner to showcase these series! I am still mainly focusing on shoujo, but keep an eye on this shounen corner, It will also be getting some summaries to it also!

Right now I only have a couple of shounen summaries prepared, so there isn't really a need to index them further, but I may later start dividing these up by author and title.


  • B-Shock by NAKANO Junko
  • Dragon Voice by NISHIYAMA Yuriko Buy!
  • Desperado by MATSUMOTO Daiji

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