"Dragon Voice"
ISBN# 4-06-312975-6
Shounen Magazine Comics, 2001

I had been wanting to get this manga for a very long time, but I kept putting it off over and over again. I am not sure why. I wish I hadn't. I really like this manga! It's hilarious, and the art is really really nice! I love shounen series that have super-detailed art! There aren't that many shoujo series that have such detail. The plot of this manga is so ridiculous and silly, I can't help but giggle at it. And all the Engrish... well, you have to read this to really appreciate it, so I highly recommend people go buy this series :)

Rin is a street dancer. He is really popular, very cute, and wow, he is talented! Rin has a crowd of people that watch him every day as he dances on teh street to the music on his boombox. (I love how his dancing has English sound effects...) Rin is really unusually talented. He is just the person to become a pop idol! The hottest group in Japan is this boy=band called the "Beat Men". The four members of that group are handsome, sexy, great dancers, and talented singers. Thousands of female fans flock to all their concerts. Hey, this seems like a great group for Rin to join! And he wants to! Rin seeks fame and fortune and has the talent to get it. However there is one little problem. He can't sing. Not at all. In fact, his voice is so bad, it makes children cry and can clear a stadium faster than anything. How can a guy like this become a member of a boyband? Sure, he can dance, but his singing may prevent him from reaching his dream. Can this self-proclaimed "Dragon Voice" tame his vocal cords and become a worthy member of the boyband of his dreams? This series is funny (the Beat Men's current hit is a cover of "State of Shock" by Mick Jagger and Michael Jackson) and it has really cool art. Go buy it! now! :P

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