Episode 01: Nadja, Unmei no Tobira!
Nadja, the Door of Destiny!

Here we meet Nadja Applefield, a 12 year-old orphan at the Applefield orphanage in England. Nadja is cute, cheerful, and takes care of the younger kids. One day she receives a mysterious package in the mail.The package contains a diary and a fancy dress, both of which used to belong to Nadja's mother. Much to her surprise, Nadja learns that her mother may be alive after all!

Just as she discovers this amazing news, Nadja is put in danger when two shady characters appear and try to steal the precious brooch Nadja wears as a memento of her mother. They even set the orphanage on fire! Fortunately, right when the villains are about to steal the brooch, Nadja is rescued by a handsome blond boy on horseback. Nadja falls for him instantly and calls him her 'Starry-Eyed Knight'. Her rescuer takes Nadja to a local theater troupe for protection. In an attempt to not cause the orphanage any further difficulty, Nadja decides to run away with the theater troupe and travel the world in search of her mother.

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