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Doumyouji Tsukasa Character: Doumyouji Tsukasa
Seiyuu: Miyashita Naoki

Height: 183cm
Weight: 67kg
Blood Type: B
Home Town: Tokyo
Birthday: January 31, 1977
Likes: Caviar
Specialty: Arguing
Favorite Color: Red

Doumyouji Tsukasa is the 17 year old leader of the F4 (he turns 18 during the series). He is the heir to the incredibly wealthy Doumyouji corporate empire. Doumyouji is tall, with black hair that curls close to his head. His funny hair style is commented on by just about everyone. However, it was only when Tsukushi twitted him about it that he made any attempt to straighten it. His hair only goes straight when it is wet. Otherwise, it takes several hours to straighten the mess out, and even then it usually does not stay in place. Doumyouji has a very strong personality. Because he has been raised in wealth, he is fairly spoiled, and his attitude is one of arrogance and superiority. He has a huge ego and uses his large size and substantial wealth to bully everyone around. Doumyouji has a quick temper that causes him to lash out angrily at anyone in his path.

Doumyouji Kissing Tsukushi!Because of this quick temper, everyone in Eitoku Gakuen is afraid of him. Doumyouji has been known to beat people up over trifles. Doumyouji has been living alone with the servants in his huge mansion for a very long time. His parents have been living in New York for the past two years, and his older sister has recently married and now lives in Beverly Hills with her husband. Thus Doumyouji is all alone in his big empty house, and can get quite lonely. He covers up his feelings with bullying and anger. Also, because of his wealth, Doumyouji is constantly the target for opportunists who try to use him to get at his wealth or to his father in the company. Doumyouji knows that most of the people around him are not interested in him as a person, but are only interested in his money.

DoumyoujiDoumyouji has a hard time expressing his feelings. His arrogance often gets in the way, as does his temper and his pride. He tends to not respect authority, considering himself to be above that sort of thing. Doumyouji gets jealous easily, which causes Tsukushi all sorts of problems. Of all of his family members, Doumyouji is closest to his sister, a strong woman in her own right, who is one of the few people Doumyouji can actually be afraid of. Tsukushi has many of the same qualities as Doumyouji's sister. Doumyouji is very possessive about things he cares about. He may often be a rude brute towards Tsukushi, but if anyone or anything else harms her, he is the first one to try to protect her. He is willing to sacrifice his own health to save her. Through the course of the story, Doumyouji changes a lot. He gradually learns to see things through the eyes of others, and his temper calms down. Tsukushi has a good influence on him :) And while he may be clumsy at expressing gentler feelings, he does, at least, not doubt his feelings, and believes in himself right away, unlike Tsukushi, who is always in a sea of self-doubt.

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