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Episode: 10

Title: "Subete o suteru jyosei!", "The woman who threw it all away!"


Tsukushi, Yuki, and Kazuya have arrived at Shizuka's house for her birthday party. The place is HUGE! Tsukushi is worried because she will have to face Doumyouji again after what he did to her previously in the hallway at school. Kazuya and Yuki are awed by all the famous people they see at the crowded party. Nishikado approaches them and gives Tsukushi a back handed compliment about her new, jazzed up look given to her by Yuki's sister. He then starts to hit on Yuki, but Tsukushi manages to warn her friend away from the infamous playboy.

Tsukushi consults her orange decision-maker, but the results don't help her much. She resolves not to be afraid of Doumyouji. Kazuya and Yuki run around point out all the famous people they see from TV. Tsukushi ignores them until she finally points out Mochida Maki over to the right of them. (Mochida Maki is Tsukushi's voice actress! heheh) Kazuya runs up to Maki, gets her autograph, and then dances around happily. Afraid that they are attracting too much attention, Tsukushi and Yuki move over to a food table. There they see foods they have never eaten and don't really recognize. Kazuya almost embarrasses them again. Rui arrives and helps Tsukushi at the table with her foods and identifies one of them for her.

Tsukushi sees Doumyouji surrounded by beautiful models, each of them gushing over him, telling him that he didn't call, or that it is long time no see, etc. Tsukushi gets very annoyed to see Doumyouji get all of this attention.

Tsukushi enjoys the party as much as she can when she then sees this cute redheaded girl in a kimono being harassed by a man. The guy is some TV producer, and he is drunk and annoying the girl. The girl runs to Tsukushi and hides behind her, asking Tsukushi to help her. Tsukushi looks at the drunken guy and sees in his drunken, rude behavior Doumyouji's face. This makes Tsukushi mad, and she snaps, hitting the man and basically beating the crud out of him. The girl she helped is grateful, and the party guests are impressed with Tsukushi's toughness. The other F4 guys remark on how similar Tsukushi is to Doumyouji. They thought she was gonna kill that guy. Doumyouji and Tsukushi deny being like each other at all.

We are NOT alike!Just then Shizuka makes her appearance, looking beautiful in a party dress. She walks to a podium and asks into a microphone if her guests are enjoying themselves, etc. Then she says she has an announcement to make. She, Toudou Shizuka, will be leaving Japan for France very soon, never to return to Japan again. This stuns the crowd. Shizuka announces that she intends to live in France and study law, becoming a lawyer in order to help people. Everyone is absolutely shocked. Shizuka's father is upset, asking who will take over the Toudou company if Shizuka is gone. Shizuka is leaving behind her career as a model to become a lawyer, and will thus no longer need her model's hair. With that, Shizuka pulls out a pair of scissors and cuts off all her hair. The crowd is still speechless until the reporters rush forward to get answers from Shizuka.

Tsukushi is shocked too, and knows that Rui must be feeling awful right now. Tsukushi finds Rui, who tells her to tell everyone else that he left early. Then he leaves. Tsukushi is upset and worried, etc. She looks for something to drink and starts to drink some alcohol. She wanders around the party, not feeling very well because of the alcohol and the excitement of the evening.
Tsukushi comes across Doumyouji and overhears a conversation between him and a businessman. The businessman is trying to get Doumyouji to tell his father about the businessman's ideas, or to get Doumyouji to let the businessman speak to Doumyouji's father. Doumyouji looks irritated and tells the businessman to come back and talk to him in 8 or 9 years time when he inherits his father's company, that is, if the businessman's company is still in existence by then. This upsets the businessman and the guy leaves.

Tsukushi wanders up to Doumyouji, and they stare at each other. Tsukushi gets angry when Doumyouji refuses to apologize for his behavior in the hallway. She makes fun of him and all those girls that hang all over him. Doumyouji tells her he knows that they don't really like him, they just hang around him because he is rich. He tells Tsukushi to watch what she is doing.
Tsukushi, meanwhile, is feeling really ill again. She stumbles into Doumyouji and lands in his arms. Doumyouji looks very startled and blushes a little, saying that he had just told her to watch what she was doing. Tsukushi them proceeds to puke all over Doumyouji's Armani suit. =) (This was the scene that Tsukushi was reading about in the manga in episode 6 ^_^)

The next morning Tsukushi wakes up in her own bed. Her mother tells her that Doumyouji had sent her home in one of his cars. Tsukushi's mom is reading in the newspaper about Shizuka's startling announcement.

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi brings the orange decision-maker thing to the party with her and consults it when she is nervous about confronting Doumyouji.

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