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Episode: 11

Title: "Ai wa Oosora no Kanata e", "Love Flies High Over the Clouds"


Tsukushi is thinking about Rui and Shizuka's relationship. She comments on how Shizuka is special to Rui, and how Rui is special to Tsukushi. She wants herself to be special to Rui as well. Walking at school, Tsukushi encounters Doumyouji, who looks upset. He seems to be waiting for her to say something. He asks her if she has anything to say to him, and she replies with a few insults, which make him even more irritated. He asks her if she remembers what she did to him at Shizuka's party. He reminds her that she puked all over his Armani suit. Tsukushi is embarassed that she forgot such an important occasion :)

Some girls walk by, and Doumyouji and Tsukushi overhear them talking about how now that Shizuka is gone, Rui is fair game. Doumyouji accuses Tsukushi of feeling teh same way, and she realizes that he is right, she had been thinking just like those girls.

Later on, Tsukushi runs into Shizuka on campus. Tsukushi begs Shizuka not to go back to France, for Rui's sake. She says Shizuka can study law here. Shizuka smiles sadly at Tsukushi, but says that although she really likes everyone here, she must go. Shizuka wants to look back on her life with no regrets. Shizuka leaves.

Watching Shizuka go, Tsukushi is startled by Rui, who had overheard their entire conversation. Rui is very angry at Tsukushi for interfereing in his business. He yells at her to leave, and she does. Walking away, Tsukushi finds an elementary school park, and stares at it. Urara-sensei is there as well, and speaks to Tsukushi about painful memories.

At the airport, Nishikado, Akira, Doumyouji, Tsukushi, and Kazuya are all there to see Shizuka off. Everyone has noticed the absense of Rui, and try to get a hold of him on the phone, but can't reach him. Tsukushi is upset that Rui isn't there. Doumyouji has a present for Shizuka, a funny surprise that he shows to Kazuya first. Tsukushi just stands there feeling depressed about Rui. Doumyouji notices Tsukushi's depression and asks her what is wrong. Tsukushi asks Doumyouji if he has ever loved someone. Doumyouji thinks that Tsukushi doesn't know anything. Tsukushi asks him if it is considerate to repress yourself for someone you love. Doumyouji says it isn't. Tsukushi is surprised at the wisdom of Doumyouji's words, and tells him that he may be a smart person. Doumyouji is mad that she is only just now figuring that out.

The time has come for Shizuka to go to France. With a sad goodbye to everyone, she gets on the plane and leaves. As soon as Shizuka's plane takes off, Rui makes his appearance. Everyone angrily demands where he has been, and Rui says that he has been at the airport the whole time, watching from behind a pillar. Tsukushi is upset with Rui and yells at him to go to Shizuka if he loves her. She yells at him to be a man. Rui then holds up an airplane ticket and says that he already has booked a ticket for Rui thanks Tsukushithe next flight to France. Rui thanks Tsukushi for making him realize his feelings, and he kisses her on the head. Then Rui boards his plane and leaves for France after Shizuka.

Outside the airport, Doumyouji, Kazuya, Nishikado, Akira, and Tsukushi are all watching the planes take off and land. Doumyouji is gloating to Akira and Nishikado about being right that Tsukushi didn't like Rui, otherwise she wouldn't have urged him to go to France. Tsukuhsi sadly watches the planes go, and records 'Bye Bye, Hanazawa Rui' into her voice recorder. Doumyouji approaches Tsukushi and they watch the planes together for a minute. Then he asks her out on a date. Just as he asks her, a plane is taking off, so Tsukushi cannot hear him. Doumyouji says to never mind, they will talk about it later.

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi uses the voice memo to talk about Rui liking Shizuka, and then again later to say good-bye to him.

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