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Episode: 12

Title: "Deeto?! Yuki no omote sandou", "Date?! Snow on Main Street"


Tsukushi, Kazuya, and the F4 minus Rui are all at the airport, watching Rui's plane take off for France. Doumyouji approaches Tsukushi, and just as a plane takes off, he asks her out on a date. Because of the loud jet engines, Tsukushi doesn't hear him. Doumyouji retreats before Tsukushi can get a straight answer out of him, telling her he'll talk to her more about it later.

The next day at school, Doumyouji is sitting on some stairs, reading a book. Shocked that Doumyouji is reading *anything*, Nishikado and Akira sneak up on Doumyouji and take the book away, revealing that it is a Dating Manual. Doumyouji flushes, embarrassed, but Akira and Nishikado laugh, and act proud that 'their Doumyouji' is going on a date. They assume he is going out with one of the models from Shizuka's party, and Doumyouji doesn't really correct them. Nishikado and Akira say that Doumyouji shouldn't learn about dating from a book, and then launch into a stream of advice about where to take his date, beginning with a ride on a ferry, then to a cocktail lounge, and finally to a hotel. Doumyouji blushes and nods. Akira and Nishikado say they are happy/proud that Doumyouji is finally going to lose his virginity. Doumyouji promptly tells them to shut up and punches them out :)

Kazuya and Tsukushi are sitting at a table together, remembering the events of the day before. Asai, Yamano, and Ayuhara begin to tease Tsukushi about her not belonging at the school, and being poor, etc. Just then, Doumyouji appears, walks over to Tsukushi, and says three things to her: Sunday, Hanae Mori building on Main street, 1 o'clock. Then he turns around and walks away. Shocked, everyone just stares at Tsukushi. Kazuya can't believe his Tsukushi would go out with Doumyouji. Tsukushi can't believe that Doumyouji asked her out, and refuses to believe that was an invitation on a date.

The next Sunday, Tsukushi is out shopping with her mother. She is thinking of Doumyouji's invitation, wondering what he meant by it. She checks the time and it is 1:30. She continues to shop with her mom, all the while thinking about Doumyouji. Finally, around 3:30, Tsukushi makes a decision. She runs away from her mom and heads for Main street. At Main street, she sees Doumyouji still sitting there, his head covered in snow. Some girls are trying to hit on him, but he yells at them to go away. He sees Tsukushi, and they begin to argue. She is shocked that he is still waiting there. He is mad at her for being late. He rushes towards her. Afraid he is going to hit her or something, Tsukushi cowers away from Doumyouji when she is wrapped up in his arms in a hug. He holds her tight then whispers that he is cold. She calls him a pervert and shoves him away. He sits there shivering and then reveals that he waited there for 4 hours, and was worried that she might have gotten into an accident. Tsukushi feels bad now, Doumyouji Waits!and offers to take him to tea.

The two walk down the street, and Doumyouji tries to drag Tsukushi into a building. Tsukushi refuses, noting that it is an expensive place, and she has little money. She instead directs him to a rather worn down looking building that has an old snack shop sign on it. They get in the elevator. Just at the elevator moves, it gets stuck. Tsukushi and Doumyouji are trapped in the elevator.

In the elevator, Tsukushi tries to strike up conversation, but Doumyouji is unresponsive. He lurches towards her. Thinking he is being perverted again, Tsukushi starts to beat him up again, and then realizes that Doumyouji has a fever. It is from sitting out in the cold snow for 4 hours waiting for her. Tsukushi reflects for a moment, and then decides to treat Doumyouji. She grabs him and wraps one of her leeks (from shopping with her mom) around his neck, saying it brings down fever. Tsukushi tries to help DoumyoujiDoumyouji's head is resting on Tsukushi's lap. They begin to talk, and Doumyouji reveals that he lives alone in that mansion, that his parents have been at their house in New york for the last 2 years. Tsukushi thinks this must be lonely. Tsukushi feels bad about yelling at Doumyouji before, and says that he can hit her if he wants. Doumyouji slowly gets up and faces Tsukushi, and then leans towards her, cupping her chin in his hand. he comes close, about to kiss her when the doors of the elevator are forced open by a construction crew who informs them that they are in a building that is scheduled to be torn down.
Tsukushi helps the feverish Doumyouji walk down the street to the corner, holding him up. He is about to tell her something but then says never mind. Doumyouji gets into a taxi and leaves. Taking the train home, Tsukushi thinks about her 'date' and wonders if Doumyouji likes her, but then thinks that it is impossible!

Toys used in the episode:
In the elevator, Tsukushi uses the orange decision-maker-question-answer toy on Doumyouji, asking him if he wanted to go with those girls who were hitting on him. The toy says yes he did. He gets mad and knocks the toy aside.

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