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Episode: 13

Title: "Hayasugiru Koi no Notenkai", "Love's Swift Development"


Tsukushi arrives at school in the morning, and notes that Doumyouji is not there that day because he is still sick. Tsukushi remembers their date, and what happened in the elevator. When she gets to her locker, Tsukushi finds a pretty wrapped gift inside. Asai, Ayuhara, and Yamano are there, and they are strangely nice to Tsukushi, giving her the gift, which is some nail polish. They kiss up to her and act so happy for her. This behavior confuses Tsukushi, as does the behavior of the entire school. As she walks down the halls, everyone greets her and makes way respectfully for her to pass by. People congratulate her.

Tsukushi meets up with Kazuya, who has also noticed that everyone is acting strange. They pass by a crowd of students gathered around the bulliten board. Kazuya takes a look to see what everyone finds so interesting, and screams when he sees a picture of Tsukushi and Doumyouji pinned to it. It is a picture someone took of Tsukushi and Doumyouji walking after their incident in the elevator. Tsukushi is helping the sick Doumyouji to walk. Kazuya is very upset. Everyone assumes that Doumyouji and Tsukushi are now a couple.

Doumyouji eventually shows up at school, and Akira and Soujirou pounce on him, telling him they know about his date with Tsukushi, and demanding to be told all the juicy details. They want to know how far Doumyouji and Tsukushi went. Doumyouji says that Tsukushi had him by the neck (referring to the leeks she had wrapped around his neck to reduce fever). Akira and Soujirou are impressed, thinking of this in some sort of kinky terms ^_^; They want to know where it happened, and Doumyouji said it happened in an elevator. This makes Akira and Soujirou even more impressed =) They seem proud of Doumyouji.

Just then Tsukushi appears, and she and Doumyouji just stare at each other and blush. Akira and Soujirou prod Doumyouji to say something, and all Doumyouji can come out and say is 'genki?' (how are you?) This is not what Akira and Soujirou had hoped he would say, and they fall over. They are disappointed. Tsukushi and Doumyouji stare at each other some more. Doumyouji gets uncomfortable and embrarassed and yells at Akira and Soujirou to come on, and he leaves.

Asai & Co. appear and kiss up to Tsukushi some more, flattering her and being too friendly. They ask Tsukushi if she wants to go to a dance club with them later. Tsukushi agrees. Walking on campus, Tsukushi's path is blocked by a cute young girl who calls out to Tsukushi by name. She asks Tsukushi if she remembers her. Tsukushi doesn't, so the girl introduces herself as Sanjou Sakurako. They met at Shizuka's party. Tsukushi recognizes her as the girl in the kimono that she had saved from the sleazy guy hitting on her. Sakurako thanks Tsukushi for helping her that time. Sakurako is now a freshman at Eitoku Gakuen. Before they can talk much, Asai and friends appear, and drag Tsukushi off to the dance club.

At the club, everything is loud and flashy. Sitting at a table with Asai and friends, Tsukushi is not having that great of a time. Then Asai points out a cute blond foreign boy on the dance floor. The guy sees them and approaches, and asks Tsukushi to dance. Tsukushi refuses at first, saying she can't dance, but eventually gives in. Asai and friends are jealous of the attention Tsukushi is getting. On the dance floor, the guy dances very well. Tsukushi is struck by his facial resemblance to Rui and feels herself drawn towards this strange guy. The guy says she is cute, asks her name, and decides to call her Tsukushi.

The next morning, Tsukushi opens her eyes to the sight of a chandelier. She is in a hotel room bed, and she is wearing only her slip. Clothes are strewn around the room, and she is alone. Shocked at where she is, and not remembering what happened other than dancing with the blond guy and having a few drinks, Tsukushi grabs the orange toy from the table and leaves the room.

At school, Tsukushi arrives to find Doumyouji standing by the entrance. He yells at her that she is late. He has been waiting for her. He invites her to the cafeteria where he fills her tray with lots of food. Tsukushi complains about the massive amount, and the fact she has no money. Doumyouji says he'll cover it, and sits her down at a table with Akira and Soujirou. Everyone in the cafeteria is amazed and thrilled to see the relationship between Tsukushi and Doumyouji and to see her sitting with the guys. Tsukushi thinks about what happened to her the night before and begins to get very upset. She stands up suddenly, knocking over some things on the table. She feels some panic. Everyone looks at her.

Walking on campus, Tsukushi runs into Sakurako again, who invites her over to her house for tea. Tsukushi is impressed by the size of the mansion. Sakurako talks a bit, and says that her mother passed away (I think it's just her mother, maybe both her parents? Not sure, and any rate, they are no longer around). Sakurako also flatters Tsukushi. Looking around the room, Tsukushi sees a photo album and asks to look in it. In panic, Sakurako jumps up and yells 'No!' 'Stop!', and knocks over her teacup, shattering it on the ground. Just then, a voice announces he is home. Sakurako brightens up, and yells out 'Thomas!', and as the guy enters the room, Tsukushi recognizes him as the gaijin from the club last night!

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi finds the orange toy on the table next to her when she wakes up in the hotel room. She grabs it as she runs out the door.

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