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Episode: 14

Title: "Sakurako no Kakusareta Himitsu", "Sakurako's Hidden Secret"


At Sakurako's house, Tsukushi is shocked to meet Thomas, the cute blond foreign guy she danced with (and possibly did more?) with at the dance club the night before. They stare at each other, and finally Thomas says Tsukushi's name. Sakurako asks curiously if the two of them have met before. Tsukushi denies it, but Thomas says they have. Tsukushi looks ready to panic. Thomas reminds Sakurako about the broken teacup lying on the floor, and she goes and cleans up the pieces and then leaves the room to throw them away.

Once alone, Thomas says he is glad to see her. Tsukushi thinks to herself that she is definitely not glad to see him. Thomas says something about the hotel room (apologizing for leaving her alone there I *think*). Tsukushi looks even more like she is going to panic. Tsukushi is shocked and thinks that maybe she did it with this gaijin. She doesn't remember, so she asks him what happened. 'What did we do!' 'Do?' 'Yes!' 'Honestly?' 'Yes!' then Thomas says they didn't do anything (I don't think, arg ^_^;)

Sakurako returns with some tea. Thomas says he doesn't want any tea and leaves. Sakurako approaches Tsukushi and begins to cry and beg her for something. (I get the impression that Sakurako is begging Tsukushi to help her out/take care of her at this strange new school) The next day, Tsukushi introduces Sakurako to Doumyouji, Nishikado, and Akira. Nishikado and Akira think Sakurako is cute. Sakurako cowers away from their attentions. Nishikado says Sakurako is cute, not like Tsukushi, and looks to Doumyouji for confirmation. Instead, Doumyouji seems to say without thinking that Tsukushi is cute. Doumyouji realizes what he said and a flush creeps over his face. Tsukushi blushes too and wonders why he said that. Nishikado makes some remarks about Doumyouji that embarrass him, and Doumyouji gets up and slams Soujirou against a drink machine. Tsukushi is surprised. Sakurako comments that Doumyouji must be in love with Tsukushi. Tsukushi thinks no way! Sakurako looks at Tsukushi with a very sinister expression on her face for a second, but Tsukushi doesn't notice.

Later, Tsukushi meets Asai & Co, who are angry and jealous that Tsukushi introduced this cute new girl to the F4. they warn Tsukushi that Sakurako isn't what she seems. Tsukushi ignores them and thinks they are just being mean. however when she gets to class and tells Makiko about what Asai and friends said about Sakurako, Makiko seems to agree that there is something about Sakurako that is hidden and she is not what she appears to be.

In the hallway later, Tsukushi runs into Sakurako, who is running from Nishikado and the F4 (I think Nishikado was hitting on her). Sakurako hides behind Tsukushi. Tsukushi thinks Sakurako is cute. Doumyouji invites Tsukushi to go with them somewhere, and Sakurako as well. Tsukushi agrees, However Sakurako then hands Tsukushi an envelope that is from Thomas. Tsukushi reads it, he wants to meet her at a restaurant. Freaking out, Tsukushi hides the note and runs away from Sakurako and the F4 who all look confused.

Tsukushi doesn't know what to do. She uses the orange toy, which only seems to agree that she has to go meet him. Tsukushi is not happy. Tsukushi approaches where she is supposed to meet Thomas at, and runs into Kazuya. She decides to take Kazuya with her to meet Thomas. Kazuya is excited at the prospect of meeting a gaijin. At the restaurant, Tsukushi introduces Kazuya to Thomas. Thomas doesn't look happy to see Kazuya there. Kazuya, excited, tries to use his English on Thomas, but Tsukushi tells Kazuya that Thomas is German, not American. Kazuya doesn't know German. Tsukushi notes once again how much like Rui Thomas's face looks.

Food is served, and Thomas tears into his meal, eating like an absolute slob, it is gross. Tsukushi and Kazuya just watch in amazement as Thomas devours his meal quickly, and then lets out a long belch! Tsukushi is disgusted and shocked. Quickly Tsukushi asks how Thomas knows Japanese so well, and Thomas says that his father is Japanese while his mother is German. He met Sakurako at a school in Germany. Then Thomas lets out a long *fart* at the dinner table. Ugh! (I was rather grossed out myself ^_^;) Tsukushi gasps and stares at Thomas, shocked that she might has slept with this gross guy. Thomas then leaves.

At school the next day, Tsukushi finds Sakurako sitting outside with the F4. She is sitting next to Doumyouji. Just then a bee flies near Sakurako, and Sakurako freaks out, clutching Doumyouji and crying for help, she hates bees. Doumyouji looks uncomfortable with Sakurako hanging all over him and angrily swats the bee away. Watching this, Tsukushi wonders why her heart is pounding so much Jealousy?

After school, Tsukushi is at Yuki's house. Yuki's sister arrives and announces that they are going dancing. Sporting another cute outfit inflicted upon her by Yuki's sister, Tsukushi, Yuki, and Yuki's sister go to the same club that Tsukushi had been to the other night. At the club, they see a large crowd around someone near the stage. All the guys look excited while all the girls look very irritated. Getting closer, Tsukushi can see a girl in tight, revealing clothes dancing on a small stage. Everyone is watching her dance. Then the girl turns and Tsukushi s startled to discover it to be Sakurako!

The music ends, and Tsukushi follows as some club girls angrily call Sakurako outside to talk. They are not happy about Sakurako's display, and her taking all the guys. In a very mean way, Sakurako insults the girls until they are reduced to tears. Tsukushi can't believe this girl could be Sakurako!

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi uses the orange toy to figure out what to do after getting the letter from Thomas. She is not happy with what it says.

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