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Episode: 15

Title: "Totto to Kiena!", "Get Lost!"


Tsukushi is standing at a door, witnessing an unbelievable scene outside the dance club. It is Sakurako, dressed up in skimpy sexy clothing, yelling at three other girls! She is putting them down to their faces, and being very mean! Tsukushi cannot believe it! Is this the same nice and cute young Sakurako from school? It can't be! Later, in bed, Tsukushi lays there, not believing what she saw. She remembers what everyone had told her about Sakurako, when they'd warned her that all was not as it seems. It appears that they were right!

Walking at school, Tsukushi runs into the F4, who are with Sakurako. Sakurako greets Tsukushi warmly. Tsukushi looks at Sakurako's cheerful and nice attitude with disbelief. Sakurako sees Tsukushi's odd expression and worries over her, asking if she is ok. Akira mentions something about the dance club, causing Tsukushi to gape at him. Then Sakurako looks all innocent and questions him about the club like she has never heard of it before. Tsukushi can't believe Sakurako! She is so two-sided! Akira teases Sakurako for not knowing about the dance clubs. How cute she is.

Doumyouji sits down, and Sakurako approaches him. Soujirou says something about Doumyouji not feeling very good these days. Doumyouji looks upset and wants to be left alone, and snaps at Sakurako. Sakurako is hurt by Doumyouji's rudeness and runs to Tsukushi. Tsukushi in turn marches over to Doumyouji and scolds him for his behavior. But then Sakurako jumps between them and starts defending Doumyouji! She says that he is the F4 and Eitoku Gakuen leader! Don't yell at him! Doumyouji just stands there, dumb struck. Tsukushi stares at Sakurako like she is crazy.

In the school bathroom, Tsukushi and Sakurako are talking. Tsukushi thinks about Sakurako and asks her if she loves Doumyouji. Sakurako starts to cry and says that she likes Doumyouji, but understands that Doumyouji belongs to Tsukushi. Then Sakurako tearfully asks Tsukushi if she is really in love with Doumyouji. Tsukushi is speechless. Moments later, she says that she isn't. Then Tsukushi leaves. Sakurako has a smug smile on her face as Tsukushi goes.

The next day at school, Tsukushi arrives to a school that is buzzing with a strange atmosphere. Everyone is giving her hostile looks again. There is some talk about a photo. Tsukushi has no idea what is going on. Tsukushi goes to her locker and finds a new toy and a blank piece of paper inside. She discovers that the toy emits a light that illuminates the invisible ink on the paper. It is a gift from Makiko-chan. The message on the paper is a warning for her to be careful! Tsukushi looks up to see Makiko watching her from behind some lockers, but before Tsukushi can ask her what is going on, Makiko runs away.

Tsukushi arrives in class to have everyone staring at her in silence. Tsukushi approaches Yamano, Asai, and Ayuhara to greet them, but they turn away from her. In PE class, the game of the day is volleyball. But instead of playing that, everyone takes their volleyballs and throws them at Tsukushi! Tsukushi falls to the ground under a shower of balls thrown hard at her. Tsukushi is hurt and bruised all over. She still has no idea why everyone is so angry at her. When class is over, she goes to her locker to change out of her PE uniform, only to find her uniform jacket totally shredded up. (There goes yet another school uniform... ^_^)

Tsukushi returns to class still in her PE uniform. Asai & Co. sneer at her and take away the nail polish gift they had given her before. Tsukushi runs from class. Everyone watches her. She asks what is going on, and one boy asks her if she has seen the bulletin board. Tsukushi runs for it and is stricken by what she sees there. Pinned to the board over the picture of Tsukushi with Doumyouji is a new photo. It is of Tsukushi lying in bed in her under clothes asleep. With her in the bed is the boy from the dance club, Thomas! Why? How! Everyone is mad at Tsukushi for what looks like her cheating on Doumyouji

Tsukushi grabs the photo and runs home, then later runs to Sakurako's house, looking for Thomas for some answers. Sakurako greets Tsukushi happily and leads her to the tea parlor. She calls Thomas and then leaves to get some tea. When Thomas arrives, Tsukushi really yells at him, demanding to know what happened. Thomas looks at the photo in Tsukushi's hand and looks totally confused. Tsukushi yells at him and wants to know who took the picture. Thomas keeps backing away from Tsukushi's attack. He says Sakurako took it. Sakurako!

She has returned, holding a tea tray. Tsukushi turns on Sakurako and asks to know why she did what she did. Sakurako talks about the dance club, saying how the guys there like cute girls. They like her there. Sakurako places great importance on the fact that she is good looking, and this is why they like her. Sakurako won't forgive someone like Tsukushi (I guess she is referring to Tsukushi's looks or social status??) being with the F4. Them, friends? What a joke.

Sakurako starts yelling at Tsukushi, taunting her. Then Tsukushi gets angry and yells right back at Sakurako. There is a little talk about Rui and Shizuka. Tsukushi is angry, and stomps out of the room and heads back out into the rainy night. Thomas stares at Sakurako, he still looks very surprised by all of this. Sakurako is angry. She starts to cry. That girl with the F4? She won't forgive her!

Tsukushi stands in the rain. What will she do now? She remembers her declaration of war on the F4 and Doumyouji. She is Tsukushi the weed! She will not give in!

Toys used in the episode:
Woo hoo, new toy introduced in this episode :) You don't see much of it later on though. It is the pen of invisible ink and the little light that makes the ink visible. It is very cute! Even though it only appears in the anime a few times, the commercials for it run through most of the series :)

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