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Episode: 17

Title: "Yatto Tsukamaeta", "Caught At Last"


Doumyouji has come back to Tsukushi, rescuing her from the gang at school that had been abusing her by dragging her behind their car. The crowd is gone now, and Doumyouji holds Tsukushi in his arms. He says to her that he knows she isn't like what everyone thinks, and that he believes in her. Scraped and bruised all over, Tsukushi is rather shocked by his return. Doumyouji removes his shirt, tells Tsukushi to put it on, and then carries her to his house. (More likely he carries her to his waiting limo which takes them to his house I think =)

Tsukushi and Doumyouji!

At the Doumyouji mansion, the servants rush to help Doumyouji and Tsukushi. Tsukushi is ushered into a huge bathroom with skylights and a massive tub. (Here are the bath toys seen in the eyecatch!) Tsukushi pushes the over-helpful maid out and takes a bath, marvelling at the luxurious surroundings, and thinking about Doumyouji. After the bath, the maid takes her to Doumyouji's room, where he is waiting for her. He must have bathed too because he is wearing nothing but pajama bottoms and is toweling his wet hair. Because it is wet, his hair hangs straight! So cute! Doumyouji orders Tsukushi onto his bed! She protests, but he gets her on the bed and straddles her, holding her down while he bandages up all her cuts and scrapes. After she is all bandaged up, they sit across from each other on the bed.

The KISS!The mood turns soft and romantic as they stare at each other, each dressed in nothing but pajamas. Amazingly enough, Doumyouji says that he loves Tsukushi. Tsukushi is shocked and amazed by his announcement. Doumyouji leans closer to her and despite her weak protests, kisses her. (yay!) After their kiss, Tsukushi freaks out and flees from the room, not believing that Doumyouji is serious. She spends a sleepless night in a room of her own, thinking about things.

The next morning, Tsukushi wakes up to find herself presented with a new school uniform. Doumyouji has gone on to shcool ahead of her. When she arrives at school, Tsukushi hears the screams of boys being bullied. She runs to the scene and sees several guys being hung by their ankles from ropes from the school roof. Angry that Doumyouji is bullying people again, she races to the roof to find the F3 there. It turns out that the guys hanging from the roof are the ones that had tormented her yesterday, and that Doumyouji was paying them back. They argue/talk abou this when suddenly they are interrupted. Someone has appeared on the rooftop. It is Rui, back from France!

Toys used in the episode:
The bath toys from the eyecatch appear finally. During her sleepless night, Tsukushi uses the orange decision maker to anwser some questions she asks herself.

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