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Episode: 18

Title: "Ore to Tsukiaranai?", "Can I hang around you?"


Tsukushi, Doumyouji, Akira, and Nishikado are on the roof of the school after having punished the guys who had beat up Tsukushi the previous day. Rui appears on the roof, greeting everyone pleasantly. Everyone is shocked to see Rui again. The F4 come together and greet happily while Tsukushi just stares at Rui. Rui looks up and catches Tsukushi's eye. He approaches her. Not liking how Rui and Tsukushi are looking at each other one bit, Doumyouji runs forward and embraces Tsukushi, his arms tight around her. He looks at Rui as if challenging him. Rui sees Doumyouji stake out his 'claim' on Tsukushi and is startled. He looks about to give up when Tsukushi protests being held by Doumyouji. Rui then smiles.

Tsukushi walks home from school, thinking about the previous day's rescue by Doumyouji when she runs into the German guy Tomas. Tsukushi doesn't want to talk to him, but he convinces her to some with him. Tomas shows Tsukushi an old photo album that belongs to Sakurako. In it are pictures of the F4 when they were kids as well as a young Sakurako. Tsukushi is shocked at how Sakurako looked when she was little, and barely recognizes her. Sakurako's appearance has changed a lot. Sakurako liked Doumyouji when she was a kid, but her looks made her the butt of jokes and teasing by everyone. Doumyouji teased her too.

The next day at school, the album has somehow made its rounds through the school, and eveyone is pointing at Sakurako's picture and laughing. Walking across campus, Tsukushi sees Doumyouji, who gives her a cute pink pager. (Yay, a new toy!) When she gets home, Tsukushi finds her house to be filled with all sorts of furniture. (From Doumyouji?)

She is immediately paged by Doumyouji. Tsukushi calls him back, angry with him. He tells her to come to the club he is at.

Tsukushi arrives at Club Amazon to see Doumyouji sitting at a table with some pretty girls. When Tsukushi arrives, he shoos the other two girls away like they were anoying gnats. The girls are upset. Tsukushi sees Rui at the next table talking to a woman. They talk casually, and then kiss each other. Tsukushi is shocked to see Rui kissing anyone and gets upset. She runs out of the club.

The next day at school, Tsukushi sees Sakurako being teased by Asai, Yamano, and Ayuhara. The three girls are being their usual mean selves. Upset at this, Tsukushi decides to come to Sakurako's aid, yelling at Asai, and threatening to beat them up. The three girls make a hasty retreat. Sakurako is amazed that Tsukushi helped her. Tsukushi says she still hasn't forgiven Sakurako yet. Sakurako cries a lot and apologizes profusely to Tsukushi. They seem to form an uneasy truce.

Later that day, Tsukushi goes to the staircase and runs into Rui. Tsukushi asks about Shizuka, but before she can get an anwser, Rui asks her if she is in love with Doumyouji. Stunned, Tsukushi manages a reply of 'not really' (She is very flustered though). To Tsukushi's amazement, Rui says he is glad. He then asks if he can hang around her now too. (date with her) Tsukushi is shocked that Rui is expressing interest in her!

Toys used in the episode:
At home after leaving the club, Tsukushi holds the orange toy while thinking about Rui.

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