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Episode: 19

Title: "Sazame Kumune no Kotori", "The Fluttering Bird in my Heart"


Tsukushi and Rui are out on the school's emergency staircase, their usual meeting spot. Rui has just leaned towards Tsukushi and asked if he could go out with her. He said that he is glad she is not seeing Doumyouji, and then asks to be with her. Tsukushi sits there stunned, not being able to reconcile this Rui with the one of her memory, the one who said he wasn't interested in her. She wonders who this is. She stares at Rui in shock. Then Rui starts to laugh and says he was joking, and laughs some more. Rui smiles and says Tsukasa would probably do something bad to him if he were serious. Tsukushi is startled and then begins to laugh to cover her confusion. She gets up to leave. Rui says she is cute. Tsukushi says thank you, and leaves. Once away from Rui, Tsukushi nearly falls over in reaction to his joke.

Tsukushi is a bit confused about her feelings now. Later, Tsukushi is confronted by Sakurako, who thanks her for helping her before. She couldn't believe it and was very happy. Sakurako warns Tsukushi not to reject Doumyuouji. Then she remarks on her own good looks. (I get the impression that she is saying she will steal him away if Tsukushi rejects him) Sakurako says they should go dancing sometime. Laughing, she runs off.

Walking home from school, Tsukushi is lost in thought when a black car pulls up beside her. The door opens, and it is Doumyouji, who tells her to get in. She does. They travel for awhile and Tsukushi asks where they are going. He hands her a bag that says 'Channel' on it. He bought clothes for her! She asks him where they are going, and Doumyouji replies that he has made arrangements for them to stay at his vacation house. Tsukushi's jaw drops. Vacation house? He says it will be great, the blue sky, the ocean, etc. Tsukushi is up set and tries to argue with him, saying she can't go. Doumyouji informs her that he has already talked to her parents and obtained their permission for her to go. (Funny picture of Tsukushi's parents dancing for joy after Doumyouji's call :)

They arrive at an airfield, and Tsukushi is shocked (she is shocked an awful lot in this series!) to learn his vacation house is on an island and they will take his private plane to get to it. Tsukushi has never been on a plane before and is scared witless. She is hanging onto Doumyouji's neck for dear life, screaming. He says she is killing him and he tries to pry her off. Tsukushi looks out the wondow and notices how pretty it is, and gets happily excited. Doumyouji looks exasperated. Tsukushi is again amazed at how rich Doumyouji is.

Soujirou and the rest of the F4 are also on the plane. Soujirou introduces Tsukushi to his two girlfriends he is bringing with him. (Soujirou is such a ladies man). The girls seem very nice and greet Tsukushi cheerfully. Akira introduces her to his lady, an older woman, very pretty. Tsukushi notices Rui is sitting away from everyone else, by himself.

They arrive at the huge vacation house, and Doumyouji takes them to a room. Tsukushi is impressed with the elegant furnishings. Tsukushi has changed her clothes into the ones Doumyouji had bought for her. (He has good taste! Cute!) Tsukushi runs out to the balcony and looks out at the ocean and beach, enjoying the pretty view. Doumyouji stares at Tsukushi, then comes up behind her and suddenly wraps his arms around her, holding her close. He lowers his face into her hair. He says into her hair that this is their bedroom. Yes, Doumyouji has arranged it for himself and Tsukushi to share a room.

At dinner, they are all sitting around a table. Soujirou's girls are impressed with his house. Akira talks about his vacation houses, and asks Soujirou where his are. Soujirou says he has vacation houses in Hawaii, Hokkaido, and Monacco (I think). Akira looks at Rui, and he says he has houses in Australia and Okinawa. The girls are impressed with how rich the F4 guys are. They have resort houses too though. Then they both turn to Tsukushi and ask her where her family's vacation houses are at. Tsukushi blanks out and looks very uncomfortable. She tries to stutter out a response. She says something about her grandparents place. Soujirou's girls look confused. Rui then says something that draws their attention away. Then dinner is served. Doumyouji gives Tsukushi his plate of food. Tsukushi stares at Doumyouji and remembers his saying they were sharing the room. She remembers that there is a king sized bed in there. She looks nervous. She goes to the balcony again and looks out at the water.

In the ladies room, Soujirou's girls want to know if she has done anything H with Doumyouji yet. One of the girls says she is so excited, she gets to share a room with Rui. She says Rui is the best of the F4. This upsets Tsukushi greatly. They go back into a living room where Tsukushi watches Rui hug one of the girls close. Tsukushi cant take this and jumps up and ruuns outside to a balcony and tries to control her feelings. Doumyouji sees this and follows her, asking what is wrong with her. Tsukushi excuses herself and runs to their room. She takes her hair down (It was in these cute little braids) and sits on the bed, lost in thought. She is depressed. Doumyouji appears and asks how she is. Tsukushi says she is fine. The Doumyouji says for her to sleep on the bed. Tsukushi looks very worried and says something to the effect of she isn't ready to share a bed.. (she thinks Doumyouji plans to sleep with her). However he points to the side of the room and says he will take the sofa bed over there. This leaves Tsukushi very releived :) He says something about really liking her, but understanding/respecting (?) her feelings. Tsukushi looks pleasantly surprised.

That night, Tsukushi finds that she is unable to sleep. Slowly she creeps out of bed to take a walk on the beach and thinks about things. She enjoys the cool beach air. She finds herself thinking about both Rui and Doumyouji. She walks a bit more and finds herself face to face with Rui, who is also out on the beach, sitting and looking at the waves. She asks why he is here and he says he couldnt sleep. Rui asks where Doumyouji is, and Tsukushi says he is asleep. Rui looks very unhappy. He falls over and Tsukushi runs to help him. He looks up at her. Then he hugs her to him, leaning his head to her chest, seeking comfort. Startled, Tsukushi kneels there frozen. Slowly her hand creeps up to wrap around him and she hugs him close while he sobs.

Toys used in the episode:
I didn't notice any! But surely they must have.. I'll have to double check :)

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