Hana Yori Dango
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Episode: 2

Title: "Nou Burando no Onna!", "No-Brand Woman!"


As a result of Tsukushi's standing up to Doumyouji and the F4 the previous day, the entire student body has changed its attitude towards her. Now instead of pelting her with eggs, all the students rush up to her and say good morning. Everyone runs up to her, blurts their greeting, and then runs away. It seems Tsukushi is now a celebrity.

Tsukushi follows the sound of Rui's violin music and finds him in a courtyard. After listening for awhile, she thanks him again for his aid the day before, but he refuses to hear her thanks. He is very rude, saying that if she is now gonna be following him all over the place, then perhaps he shouldn't have helped her at all. This does not shake Tsukushi's feelings towards him though. On the way home from school,Run Tsukushi, run!Tsukushi is surrounded by a mysterious group of people in black suits who try to kidnap her. They grab her and force her into their car. Tsukushi discovers that Doumyouji is behind the attack. She struggles to escape, but the strangers cover her mouth with a rag and she passes out from the chloroform.

The next scene has Tsukushi laying on some sort of table. Someone approaches her and begins to remove her clothing. Tsukushi struggles, but is held down. This is a very frightening scene! It is then revealed that the people removing her clothes are women intent on giving Tsukushi an all-over massage andForced makeover #1makeover. Tsukushi finds herself in a private salon, being pampered and primped, her hair restyled, new makeup and clothing.

She discovers she is in Doumyouji's house. It is a MANSION! Tsukushi is shocked at how large the house and how rich Doumyouji is. After commenting on a picture of the F4 when they were little, and a picture of Doumyouji's older sister, the two get into an argument. Doumyouji kidnapped her in an effort to let her know that he 'approved' of her. He is so arrogant, he says that he has decided that she is worthy of his attention towards her. But not at school of course. She can hang out with him at home though. This condescending attitude really makes Tsukushi mad, and she rejects Doumyouji. She gets her uniform back and leaves immediately.

The next day at school, Tsukushi find a message about her written on a chalkboard. It claims that Tsukushi is a slut who in Jr. high fooled around with all the guys and has an illegitimate child. This makes Tsukushi very angry. She immediately assumes that the F4 are the source of the message and runs to confront them. In one of the funniest bits in the series,Virgin Girl...Tsukushi tells the F4 off, and runs away, leaving 4 very confused guys behind. Back in class, Tsukushi is approached by 3 popular girls. Asai, Ayuhara, and Yamano. The three seem to want to be her friend, and invite Tsukushi to a 'Jeans Party', a casual party in Roppongi. Tsukushi arrives at the party and finds herself to be the only one there not in formal dress. She has been tricked!

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi listens to a message from Makiko-chan on the voice memo. It tells her to chin up! Do her best!

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