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Episode: 20

Title: "Uragiri no Atsui Yoru", "Warm Night of Betrayal"


On the beach at night, Tsukushi holds a crying Rui in her arms, comforting him as best she can. Rui talks about his time in France, how he appeared on Shizuka's doorstep, and she welcomed him in. They were happy together, going out a lot, catching up, sightseeing, etc. However Shizuka was working hard to become a lawyer, so she was often out at school, leaving Rui all alone in her apartment. He says Shizuka talked about Tsukushi, how much she likes her.

Suddenly, Tsukushi's pager goes off. Tsukushi is startled, and tries to shut it off. Rui gets the pager and shuts it off for Tsukushi. The message on the pager is from Doumyouji, wondering where she is. Tsukushi jumps up and decides to head back to the beach house.

When she gets there, Doumyouji is waiting for her. (She is sharing a room with Doumyouji at the house. Seperate beds though :) Doumyouji was worried about her. He asks where she was, and Tsukushi lies, saying she was out walking on the beach alone. Doumyouji believes her. Tsukushi looks a bit guilty, what with all the concern Doumyouji is showing. She keeps thinking of Rui though.

The next day, the F4 are playing beach volleyball. Tsukushi joins in the game, playing on Akira and Nishikado's side. Tsukushi is really good, and manages to score against Doumyouji and Rui =) Doumyouji is talking to Rui when Rui leans over and Tsukushi's pager falls out of his pocket. Doumyouji asks where he got it, and Rui says she left it on the beach last night. Doumyouji now knows that Tsukushi lied to him, she was with Rui last night. Lost in thought, Doumyouji doesn't see the volleyball that smacks him right in the face. Later, Doumyouji and Tsukushi are reclining on lounge chairs when Doumyouji asks her where her pager is, to see her reaction. Tsukushi realizes she left her pager on the beach and lies again, saying she left it in the house. Doumyouji is angry now, knowing she is lying. Suddenly the sound of a boat horn fills the air.

Rui and Tsukushi Kissing!It is a small tugboat type of thing, and it carries Kazuya and Sakurako, who have decided to join the group. That evening, as they are all gatheredi in the sunset, Kazuya shows Tsukushi a magazine article about Shizuka. It seems that Shizuka is engaged to be married. She recieved a marriage proposal from someone in France. Rui looks hurt, but not surprised by the news. He knew of Shizuka's engagement. (Apparently he saw her with her new guy or something). Tsukushi feels bad for Rui who is hiding his hurt.

That evening, Tsukushi is having a hard time sleeping, so she sneaks out of the room and heads toward the beach. Doumyouji hears her leave and decides to follow. Tsukushi gets to the beach, and Rui is there. He looks very upset. Tsukushi is upset too, and tries to comfort him. She is crying as well. Looking at her tears, Rui just stares at Tsukushi. Then he holds her close and kisses her. Their close bodies are clearly visible in the moonlight as Doumyouji watches Tsukushi kiss Rui.

Toys used in the episode:
The pager Doumyouji gave Tsukushi is the main focus of the plot in this story. Doumyouji contacts her on the beach with it, and now has it in his possetion, having retrieved it from Rui.

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