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Episode: 21

Title: "Kisu no Tsumi to Batsu", "The Crime and Punishment of the Kiss"


Rui and Tsukushi are kissing on the beach in the moonlight. Not far away, Doumyouji watches, his hands clenched into fists. As the kiss breaks off, Tsukushi and Rui look at each other, and Tsukushi hugs Rui. then something catches Rui's attention. He looks up and sees Doumyouji, his eyes go wide as he says, "Tsukasa.." This brings Tsukushi's head up, and her eyes get huge as she sees Doumyouji. She also looks pale and upset. Doumyouji steps forward, his expression is filled with hurt anger! Rui is still holding Tsukushi in his arms. Doumyouji confronts Rui. He looks so angry and upset! Then Doumyouji's hands clench tight and he rushes at Rui, yelling. He punches Rui out! Rui goes flying, and lands in the surf. He has a large bruise on his cheek.

Tsukushi gasps, and Doumyouji glances at her, then turns and starts to walk away. But Tsukushi calls out for him to wait! Doumyouji pauses and turns around. Tsukushi cries out for him to listen to her, she says she is sorry. He says something about his loving her. It looks like his feelings have changed though. Tsukushi is crying. She reaches out to Doumyouji, but he shouts at her. "Don't touch me!" Tsukushi recoils from him. Doumyouji says he is not going to speak to her again. Then he turns and leaves.

Tsukushi is crying. She falls to her knees on the sand and thinks about Doumyouji. Then she stands with her feet just covered with water and looks out at the ocean. She is still crying as she thinks about all the important times with Doumyouji, such as when he rescued her from being pulled by a car, and said he believed in her. She remembers their kissing on his bed, and his telling her he loved her. Tsukushi looks really remorseful about what she did. She stands out there all night

That day, everyone leaves the island on Kazuya's small boat. Apparently Doumyouji and Sakurako left earlier on his plane, leaving the rest behind. Kazuya is sick, and is heaving over the side of the boat. Everyone else is complaining about having to ride in the little boat. Tsukushi is upset and *still* thinking about Doumyouji. Then Rui covers her hand with his and says it's ok, he's there. Meanwhile, Doumyouji and Sakurako arrive back home. As he leaves his plane, Doumyouji sees a weed on the ground. He pauses for a moment, then crushes it under his heel. Very symbolic motion there, as Tsukushi always calls herself a weed.

At School, Tsukushi walks around in a daze, Doumyouji and memories of him filling her thoughts. Kazuya greets her and talks about how fun the trip was. Tsukushi asks him if he has seen Doumyouji, and barely waits to hear his reply before walking away, leaving an unsuspecting Kazuya alone, talking to himself. Tsukushi finds Doumyouji in a courtyard, where he, Nishikado, and Akira are confronting Rui about his actions on the beach. Akira and Nishikado are both mad at Rui for what he did, and in this case, side with Doumyouji. They are mad because Rui KNEW that Doumyouji was interested in Tsukushi and thery might be getting together, but did what he did anyway. Like if he couldn't have Shizuka, he would take Tsukushi. Doumyouji kicks Rui out of the F4; they are no more. Tsukushi watches this in horror. A crowd has gathered,and also gapes at the news. Then Doumyouji, Akira, and Nishikado turn and leave the courtyard, heading towards Tsukushi. Tsukushi freaks out, wondering what to do. As Doumyouji approaches her, she starts to say something, but is shut up when he just walks right by her without acknowledging her presence at all! Time frezes for Tsukushi as she is thrown in to shock and very hurt by this! A ways away, Akira and Nishikado look at each other, and then decide to try to cheer Doumyouji up. They suggest going out to clubs or to parties and having fun. He declines their offer.

Tsukushi spends the rest of the afternoon mulling over Doumyouji's harsh rejection. There is the usual set of flashbacks. In class she draws a picture of Doumyouji on a piece of paper using her invisible ink pen that Makiko-chan had given her. Later, she wanders down a hall, when she hears Rui's violin. This cheers her up very much! She goes to the staircase, where she finds Rui playing. He stops when he sees her. She sits down next to him and apologizes for what happened with Doumyouji. It is her fault the F4 broke up. Rui denies this, saying he is the one who kissed her. Tsukushi blushes. Then a paper slips from her to the ground. Rui picks it up and hands it to her. As he does, their fingers touch, and Tsukushi is reminded of when she reached out to Doumyouji, and he yelled at her not to touch him. The paper appears blank. Tsukushi takes the paper and pulls out the light that reveals the invisible ink. She shows Rui her drawing of Doumyouji. Looking at it, she suddenly starts crying. She can't control it, the tears just come out. She wipes away her tears with a handkerchief. Rui just stares at her. Then he asks her if she is doing anything next Sunday. Tsukushi says no, and so Rui says they should go somewhere, just the two of them. A date! Tsukushi agrees. As she leaves the stairway, she confirms her date with Rui. As soon as she leaves, she runs into Sakurako who is MAD. She reminds Tsukushi that she REALLY loves Doumyouji, and has since Childhood, not like Tsukushi. It seems like Sakurako is going to go after Doumyouji again! Tsukushi looks sort of stunned/confused by her own reaction to Sakurako's forcefulness.

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi uses the invisible ink pen to draw Doumyouji's picture, and the light thingy to show the picture to Rui.

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