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Episode: 22

Title: "Tomadoi no Hatsu Deeto", "First Date at the Seaside"


Tsukushi rembers the confrontation on the beach at night with Doumyouji. She also remembers Sakurako's reaction to Tsukushi's falling out with Doumyouji. However she tries to stop thinking about it as she gets ready for her first date with Rui. Tsukushi's parents are happy she is dating Hanazawa Rui, who is so rich.

Tsukushi waits downtown for Rui, and he meets her there. She asks what he has in mind for them to do, and he says he has no particular plans. She doesn't know anywhere to go either. The sound of girls laughing gets her attention, and she sees a crowd around a vendor on the street. He is selling (you guessed it), more guady electronic toys (no doubt made by Bandai :) Tsukushi plays with one and wants it, but has no money. So Rui buys it for her. Tsukushi is happy to get a gift from Rui.

As they walk down the street, they come to the place where all of Shizuka's posters were posted. Tsukushi remembers when Rui was here, kissing the poster. He asks her not to talk about Shizuka, and she apologizes. They continue to walk, and Tsukushi talks a bit. Rui interrupts her, saying she can call him just 'Rui' now. Tsukushi has a habit of using his full name he says. Tsukushi is happy and embarassed. She practices saying just 'Rui' over and over. Tsukushi remembers that Shizuka also just called him 'Rui'. Rui seems preoccupied thinking about something. Tsukushi is preoccupied too, and runs into a door and falls down. She looks for Rui to help her up, but he didn't notice her fall and kept on walking. Tsukushi runs to catch up with him. Walking next to him, she remembers other times walking with Doumyouji. Him trying to get her to take his arm. Her walking with him on Mainstreet with her holding him up when he was sick. Very different from her time with Rui.

Rui and Tsukushi stop at a restaurant for a burger. Tsukushi excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Once there, she sits and thinks about things. She remembers her kiss with Rui. Rui gets tired of waiting (I guess), and actually walks in on her in the bathroom and tells her to hurry up. Tsukushi is *mortified* that he would walk in on her there. (Even though she was just sitting there, not actually doing anything). She cries, and Rui finds her amusing. They keep walking and end up at Rui's house, where they go into his room and sit on the bed. Tsukushi is nervous, but Rui just wants to show her a photo album. As Tsukushi looks through it, she sees pictures of the F4 when they were little (It seems Nishikado was always a playboy :) and sees a picture of Shizuka with Rui. Suddeny Rui leans towards her, falling past Tsukushi to land on the bed asleep. Tsukushi watches him sleep a bit, and then leaves.

Meanwhile, Doumyouji is walking down a street, with Sakurako trailing behind him. He gets angry at Sakurako for following him, but she keeps following. Sakurako says she loves him and that she always has. She is the funny looking girl from his childhood who liked him. He realizes that the girl was Sakurako and is surprised. Tsukushi is walking home from Rui's house when she hears laughter. She turns a corner ans quickly hides as she sees Doumyouji with Sakurako, laughing.

Toys used in the episode:
Rui buys Tsukushi a new toy! It also anwsers questions. You press 2 buttons and the lights point you to one of the possible anwsers.

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