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Episode: 23

Title: "Doumyouji Tsubaki rawaru!", "Doumyouji Tsubaki Returns!"


Tsukushi sees Doumyouji and Sakurako on the sidewalk, laughing together. Upset, Tsukushi turns around and walks the other way. As she walks, a car pulls up next to her, and a guy hits on her. Tsukushi yells at him some, but is interrupted by a tall woman with black hair and flashy clothes. She yells at the guy too and messes up his car. The woman seems to like Tsukushi instantly and decides to take Tsukushi home with her (much to Tsukushi's bewilderment). When they reach they front of the Doumyouji mansion, Tsukushi realizes that the woman is Doumyouji's older sister who has been in Beverly Hills. The woman drags Tsukushi into the house, saying she has a guy she wants her to meet. Tsukushi thinks to herself that she already knows him! (Apparently the sister has ideas of matchmaking)

In the house, Tsubaki (Doumyouji's sister) finds him in a parlor with Sakurako. He is surprised to see Tsubaki back in Japan. She quickly puts him in his place by knocking him down. Then she notices Sakurako who immediately gushes about how nice it is to meet Doumyouji's sister. Tsubaki does not look that impressed with Sakurako ^_^ Then Tsubaki looks for Tsukushi to introduce her, but Tsukushi is gone.

Tsukushi is hiding behind a plant in the hallway, trying to figure out how to escape the house. Tsukushi wanders through the house, getting lost. She finally gives up and stays in one room, hiding. Eventually Sakurako goes home. Walking down a hall, Doumyouji enters a room and is shocked to see Tsukushi in there, sitting on the floor leaning against a chair. They stare at each other for a long time, him towering over her. He looks angry, and kicks aside the chair. He knocks over a vase of flowers too. He kneels down and she looks up at him, trying to explain her presence. She lets slip the fact that she was with Rui (Doh!) and he gets even madder. Doumyouji glares at her, looks at her lips, and asks something to the effect of 'are these the lips that he kissed?'. And Doumyouji grabs her arm and asks if this is the arm that Rui held. ( I am still a bit fuzzy on exactly what he is saying here, but he is not happy ^_^;)

Tsubaki walks in to see the confrontation and starts to really beat up Doumyouji good. (she is great at dominating him, heh) Tsubaki drags Tsukushi off to have dinner at a huge dining room table. Tsubaki leaves for a few minutes. Alone, Tsukushi feels tired and falls asleep. Tsubaki finds the sleeping Tsukushi and gets Doumyouji (who had just taken a shower, so is just wearing a robe and has his hair straight, yay!) to carry her to a spare room.

Tsukushi wakes up to hear the sounds of one of her toys. Tsubaki is playing with it. Tsubaki talks to Tsukushi a bit about Doumyouji, and then Tsukushi leaves. Doumyouji sits in his room on his bed in his pajamas, thinking about Tsukushi.

The next day at school, Tsukushi is at her locker, and there is a crowd around her. Asai and friends are being their usual mean selves. Then Rui appears and supports Tsukushi, surprising the crowd. Suddenly Doumyouji appears behind Rui, and says something to the effect of Rui not being a member of the F4 anymore. (not quite sure)

Toys used in the episode: Tsubaki plays with one of Tsukushi's toys briefly. The sound of the toy wakes Tsukushi up.

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