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Episode: 24

Title: "Ai no rashi! Gakuen tsuihou?", "Love's Tempest! Banished from School?!"


Doumyouji has announced that Rui is no longer a member of the F4! Everyone stands there gaping at Doumyouji and Rui, no one can believe it. Doumyouji makes a little speech, and bascially says something to the effect of Tsukushi and Rui not being welcome/allowed at the school anymore. (I am not too sure about this, but whatever he says, it impacts Tsukushi very much, and she seems to think her future at Eitoku will be be very short). Akira and Soujirou protest Doumyouji's words, this is their good friend Rui! But Doumyouji is firm. He ignoresthem, turns around, and begins to walk away.

Tsukushi yells at Doumyouji to stop, and he ignores her at first, but then he stops and turns around and stares at her with a very solemn expression on his face. Tsukushi is speechless, and without saying another word, Doumyouji walks away.

At home, Tsukushi is talking with her mother. Mama is upset about their family's finances. She is crying and shrieking. She wants Tsukushi to marry a rich boy so their problems will be solved. Tsukushi tries to get in a word about the fact that she may not be returning to Eitoku Gakuen, but her mama is not listening to her. Tsukushi finally gives up.

In her room, Tsukushi wonders what to do about her situation at school. At Doumyouji's mansion, the F4 meet. Akira and Soujirou are arguing with Doumyouji. And who is that guy in the suit sitting in that chair? He has a hat pulled down, shadowing his face. Is he a new recruit into the F4 now that Rui is gone!? Then the boy looks up and his face is revealed. It's Kazuya! Will he be the next member of the F4? There seems to be some argument about this. Soujirou and Akira want Rui to return, but Doumyouji says he will never forgive Rui. First Rui has Shizuka, and when things don't work out between them, he takes Tsukushi. Doumyouji is angry!

Tsubaki enters the room and sees the distressed look on everyone's faces. She asks what is going on. Akira and Soujirou begin to explain to her, but Doumyouji cuts them off, saying it is none of her business. Someone mentions that Rui and Tsukushi like each other. This turns oor Kazuya to stone as he tries to come to grips with this bad news for him.

Finally, Akira, Soujirou, and Kazuya leave Doumyouji. As they walk down the hallway, someone grabs Kazuya from behind Akira and Soujirou. It is Tsubaki, and she wants to know what is going on! Kazuya looks terrified, and blabs everything.

Tsukushi goes to school the next day, but things are not pleasant. Everyone remembers Doumyouji's announcement. They all stare at Tsukushi, and are talking about what happened. Sakurako confronts Tsukushi, saying she will be lonely without her. Tsukushi doesn't look convinced. Meanwhile, Doumyouji is in the school principal's office. He is yelling and demaning that Rui and Tsukushi be expelled from the school! Tsukushi seems to sense this, and thinks to herself, 'Sayonara, Eitoku'. Loud footsteps echo in the school hallway, revealing a determined stride. Everyone stops to stare at the tall, beautiful woman walking down the hallways. It is the legendary Doumyouji Tsubaki! Everyone knows who Tsubaki is! They stand in awe, and clear the way for her.

In the principal's office, the principal expresses some reluctance to expell Rui.Tsukushi seems to be no problem, but Rui is the son of a very wealthy man.

Tsubaki vs. Tsukasa!Tsubaki storms the school, grabs Tsukushi, and enters the principal's office to find her brother there arguing with the principal. Tsubaki pounds Doumyouji a bit. Eventually, everyone ends up in the principal's office, including a very sheepish-looking Kazuya who is under the angry glare from Doumyouji about blabbing to Tsubaki about his plans.

Doumyouji keeps arguing about getting the couple expelled from school, when Tsukushi speaks up and says something about leaving on her own, she didnt belong there anyway. This makes everyone become very quiet. Tsubaki, being the forceful type that she is, says that this doesn't have to be settled this way. She decides that the fate of Rui and Tsukushi at Eitoku will rest on the outcome of...a basketball game!

Yes, they are going to play a game of 3 on 3. It will be Doumyouji, Soujirou and Akira vs Rui, Tsukushi, and Kazuya. Everyone looks a bit startled by this suggestion, but eventually agrees to it.

But can Tsukushi and Kazuya play basketball? And Rui, who has some skill at it, will he try his best to keep himself and Tsukushi in school, or will he go all apathetic again and lose the game? Tsukushi is very worried, and tries to get them all to practice hard because she doesnt want to lose!

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi uses the fortune teller that Rui bought her to see how the basketball game will come out. It seems to indicate that things will go well.

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