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Episode: 26

Title: "Numurenai Futari no Yoru!", "Our Sleepless Night!"


The basketball game is now over, and everyone is at Doumyouji's house eating dinner. That is, everyone except for Doumyouji is there. Doumyouji had walked away from the basketball game and hasn't been heard from again that day. At Doumyouji's house are Tsubaki, Tsukushi, Kazuya, Rui, Akira, and Soujirou. Tsukushi has changed back into her school uniform blouse. They are all eating a nice dinner, served with wine. Tsubaki is drinking a lot and seems to be getting slightly drunk. Tsukushi drinks a little as well. Tsukushi thinks about the game and how Doumyouji walked away at the end. Tsukushi coughs a little, and Rui, sitting next to her, places a hand on her back and asks if she is OK. Tsukushi nods. Tsubaki sits back and watches the interaction between Rui and Tsukushi, thinking about the couple.

Meanwhile, Doumyouji is out by himself wandering the streets. He doesn't seem to be aware of his surroundings, he is just walking in a trance. Three large, tough looking guys approach him. (I really have never seen any anime characters with nose rings and such before I saw this series :) and look like they are going to attack him. The guys follow Doumyouji for a bit. Doumyouji doesn't seem to notice them. The guys stop Doumyouji, who just stands there with a blank look on his face. The guys make fun of Doumyouji's hair, and take his wallet. They are shocked when they see the 4 gold cards and all the money he has in it. The attackers could probably have left right then and gotten away with it if they hadn't continued talking. Doumyouji continued to stand there, completely oblivious to his surroundings. Then the attackers kept talking, and each one of them said a word that ended with the sound of ‘Rui'. (Such as ‘Warui', etc). Every time one of the attackers said something like that, Doumyouji's ears would twitch, and he would pick out the ‘Rui' part of it. This snaps Doumyouji back to the present, and he turns in anger on his attackers.

Back at Doumyouji's house, Tsubaki and everyone are in a parlor. Akira and Nishikado are playing with the toy that Rui had bought Tsukushi on their date. They ask the toy if Rui and Tsukushi had done anything H on their date. Tsukushi gets very embarrassed. Rui looks unconcerned. After the toy indicates that they did, Tsukushi yells that all they have done is kiss. This startles everyone. Kazuya whines and looks very upset about ‘his' Tsukushi-chan. Tsubaki looks at Rui and Tsukushi and ponders something. She then announces something to the effect that they should go farther than that or something. She grabs Rui and Tsukushi. With Akira and Nishikado's cooperation, Tsubaki throws Rui and Tsukushi into a bedroom together. Before the door closes, Nishikado and Akira toss out some advice and tell Rui to do his best. Kazuya, very upset about his, has been tied up :)

Alone in the room together, and obviously expected by everyone else to be doing something, Tsukushi panics and begins to prattle on in smalltalk about a school trip. Rui then interrupts her and says it is okay with him (to sleep with her). Tsukushi's face turns blank, and then red, and she inches away from him. Rui seems to get the idea that Tsukushi is not as keen on the concept as he is. Rui gets up onto the bed and lies down. They talk for a bit, and then Rui falls asleep. It seems that he cannot forget Shizuka anyway. (Rui seems to have this habit of falling asleep around Tsukushi =) Tsukushi looks at Rui's sleeping face and think that it is cute and peaceful like a baby's face. Tsukushi stands at the door poised to leave the room. She stares at Rui and has a bunch of flashbacks, remembering when she first met Rui, when he rescued her, when she kissed him on the beach...

Doumyouji, out on the streets has proceeded to beat the crud out of the three guys who had tried to mug him. He has swung them through the air and thrown them, and at one point is about to crush another one with something heavy when he remembers something Tsukushi had said to him. Doumyouji calms down and leaves the guys, who all look much worse for wear. Doumyouji begins to wander the streets again, and thinks about Tsukushi. He hears a little girl's voice as she yells at her little brother. Looking at the girl, he is reminded of Tsukushi. Doumyouji continues walking, and sees a store window that has some of the orange decision-maker toys in it. He is reminded of his time with Tsukushi in the elevator when she had used it to ask about his interest in the other girls. He had made her drop the toy. Continuing on his walk, he has a bunch of flashback scenes of his various encounters with Tsukushi. He remembers their kiss from episode 17 =)

Doumyouji finally reaches his house, where he walks in Akira, Tsubaki, Nishikado, and the tied-up Kazuya as they talk about Tsukushi' and Rui. Doumyouji overhears them talking about Tsukushi and Rui alone in that room together. Akira looks frightened when he sees that Doumyouji has returned and overheard what he said. But Doumyouji does not react angrily like they all expected. Instead Doumyouji calmly sits down and listens as they tell him of Shoving Tsukushi and Rui into a bedroom alone. Kazuya struggles to get free, but to no avail =) Everyone is shocked that Doumyouji isn't getting angry. Doumyouji just sits there and listens.

The next morning, Tsukushi finally leaves the room after remembering a lot of things. She seems to have come to some conclusion about her relationship with Rui. She walks out of Doumyouji's house. (On her way to school I guess?)

Doumyouji is still out on the balcony he had been sitting at the night before, and he watches Tsukushi leave the house below him. He has a serious look on his face. The rising sun has set everything glowing golden. A sleepy Akira and Soujirou walk out onto the balcony and greet Doumyouji. Doumyouji turns them and makes a surprising announcement: He is going to New York!

Toys used in the episode:
Akira and Soujirou use the toy Rui had bought Tsukushi to determine if they had done anything hentai yet. Doumyouji walks by that store and sees the orange toys. This reminds him of when the orange toy was used in episode 12.

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