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Episode: 27

Title: "Doumyouji, New York e!", "Doumyouji Goes to New York!"


At the end of the last episode, Doumyouji had announced that he was going to New York. this news has shocked both his sister and the rest of the F4.

Meanwhile, Tsukushi and her family have just arrived at their new apartment. Apparently Tsukushi's father lost his job due to downsizing. That means they are more poor than ever, and had to move out of their previous shabby apartment into a smaller, even MORE shabby place. Things are not good for the Makino family, and more pressure is put on Tsukushi to marry a rich guy and solve all of their financial problems.

At School, The F4 are talking with Doumyouji about his plans to go to New York. Doumyouji tells Rui it's not his fault that he is leaving for New York. He plans to leave in 3 days and stay there for 2 years! Tsukushi arrives at school and overhears them talking. This is the first she has heard of Doumyouji's plan, and it deeply upsets/shocks her. She also gets angry! She confronts Doumyouji, but he says it's none of her affiar too, and he is going to go. Tsukushi is mad, and thinks he is running away, but he insists it has nothing to do with her.

At home, Tsukushi's family is eating even worse food than they were before, and her parents put more pressure on her. (Yeesh, poor Tsukushi! Why not give Susumu some of the pressure too? Can't he find a rich girlfriend?)

At the Doumyouji mansion, Tsubaki questions Doumyouji about his decision to go to America. She is worried about him. However Doumyouji is firm in his decision to leave. He looks at a picture of himself with the F4 when they were kids, and tells Tsubaki a story of how when he and Rui were little, Rui had a very large teddy bear that was made in England. Doumyoji wanted Rui's teddy bear, even though if he had asked his own father, he could have gotten his own bear too. But because the bear belonged to Rui, Doumyouji wanted it. The young boys got in a tug of war over the teddy bear, pulling on it until it tore in half. Doumyouji realized that what he had done was wrong, but instead of apologizing, he blamed Rui for having the teddy bear and not letting it go. He expected Rui to be mad at him about it, but instead, the next day, Rui greeted him like usual, and they continued to be friends. Doumyouji feels that the situation with Tsukushi is somewhat similar. Tsukushi belongs to Rui now, and he shouldn't try to take her away from him. He owes Rui from that time when they were children, though Rui has probably forgotten all about it. (that is very nice of Doumyouji, you didn't see Rui worrying much when he tried stealing Tsukushi away form Doumyouji...) Doumyouji says that he decided before the basketball game, that no matter how it turned out, he would go to New York anyway.

At home, Tsukushi thinks of her family situation and resolves to get a new job, so that she can help to support her family again. Later on at school, Tsukushi is standing on the stairway balcony, looking out at the school grounds. She is thinking about Doumyouji leaving, and realizes that she never imagined that he would go so far away. Even while dating Rui, she sort of imagined she would still see Doumyouji from time to time. Just then, Rui appears on the balcony too. he looks very thoughtful, and asks Tsukushi if it's really okay that Doumyouji is going to New York. Tsukushi is defensive, says it's fine, but Rui presses the matter, reminding her that when Shizuka was leaving, Tsukushi was constantly nagging him to go after her. Tsukushi protests, saying that she doesn't even like Doumyouji, but Rui knows better. He says he will take care of things for her instead, and leaves with a very crafty smile on his face :)

Next thing you know, Rui is seen holding Tsukushi's green Voicel recording toy. He has recorded a message into it, and looks very happy with himself. Soujirou and Akira show up, and tell Rui that they think the reason Doumyouji is leaving is because of Rui and Tsukushi. They say that Doumyouji knows about them spending the night together, and then proceed to act out an adorable scene where Akira pretends to be Tsukushi and Soujirou is Rui. They pretend that they are in bed together being intimate ^_^ Rui looks somewhat dumbfounded by their performance, and reveals that nothing happened the night he and Tsukushi were left alone. He thinks something might have happened but... well, he's still in love with Shizuka. Soujirou and Akira are happy that Rui has come to terms with that. Rui says he has given up Tsukushi to Doumyouji, but hasn't told Doumyouji that fact yet. Why the delay in telling Doumyouji that he was relinquishing all claim on Tsukushi? Well, consider it a little payback for an incident with a stuffed bear when they were little. (very evil Rui, hehehe)

Tsukushi is looking for work, but can't seem to find anything suitable. She sees a plane take off and is reminded that Doumyouji leaves soon. She tells herself that his leaving is none of her business.

The next day, the F4 and Tsubaki are seeing Doumyouji off at the airport. Once again they question him about his decision, but he stands by it. Then Kazuya shows up with a camera. There is a comment wondering Doumyouji has said goodbye to Tsukushi, but he says if she wants to talk to him, she will come. Kazuya reveals that Tsukushi may be too busy though, and tells them about her family's problem.

Here is another silly pun. Kazuya says Tsukushi's father was fired due to restructuring ("risutora") while clueless Doumyouji says he didn't know Tsukushi's father worked in a Zoo. Everyone looks stunned as they realized that Doumyouji heard restructuring "risutora" as "risu to tora" or "squirrels and tigers", which would imply a zoo or something. What an idiot! Anyway.....

Doumyouji waves goodbye and leaves to get on the plane. But before he boards. Rui calls out his name and throws him the green recorder toy, saying it's a parting gift from Makino. Doumyouji smiles and puts it in his pocket. Elsewhere, Tsukushi relizes that Doumyouji must be gone by now.

Later on the airplane, Doumyouji listens to the recording on the voice recorder and becomes furious when he hears it is a message from Rui saying that nothing happened between himself and Tsukushi the other night at Doumyoji's house. Why.... this changes everything! Doumyouji is very excited/angry, and demands that they turn the plane around! the flight attendants try to calm him, but they are outmatched by the fury of the great Doumyouji Tsukasa! :)

Later, upon arriving home. Tsukushi is stunned to find her house all torn apart, and her family there all crying like mad. It is total chaos! Tsukushi, thinking that perhaps someone broke in, is told that her father had borrowed a LOT of money, but then lost it gambling! OH NO! Tsukushi's family is in turmoil. Her mother angrily wants a divorce, but her brother pleads with her not to. Everyone is screaming and crying. Could things get any worse for Tsukushi?

Then the phone rings. It's doumyouji! He demands that Tsukushi join him in Vancouver! Vancouver- but wasn't he going to New York? Doumyouji glosses over that part and insists that she come see him there. Tsukushi is angry. Her family is in chaos right now, she doesn't have time to hop to obey Doumyouji. Her family is in debt now! Then Doumyouji offers her the exact sum her father lost, if she goes to see him in Canada...This makes Tsukushi pause and reconsider.

In Canada, Doumyouji is in a phone booth at the airport. It is snowing heavily outside. He is on the phone with Tsukushi, but looking out the window. He writes "baka" ("idiot") in the condensation on the glass of the booth, while Tsukushi considers his proposal...

Toys used in the episode:
Rui records a message on the green toy and tosses it to Doumyouji, who listens to it on the airplane! Kazuya also has a camera that takes pictures with cute little frames around them. Kind of odd for Kazuya to have this camera, so I figured that it was something they marketed.

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