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Episode: 28

Title: "Tsukushi, Kanada e iku!", "Tsukushi Goes to Canada!"


Tsukushi, Yuki, Nishikado, and Akira are all on a huge plane headed for Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Yuki is excited about the trip, but Tsukushi is aprehensive. Tsukushi's feelings aren't helped when Sakurako appears, announcing the reason for Tsukushi's trip out loud. Tsukushi is surprised to learn that Sakurako is coming along also. Now not only does Tsukushi have to contend with Asai, Yamano, and Ayuhara, who invited themselves along, but Sakurako as well. They arrive in Canada, and eventually get to Doumyouji's huge lodge. The scenery is beautiful, with many mountains and lots of snow. Doumyouji watches everyone enter the room, and looks startled that Asai, Yamano, Ayuhara, and Sakurako have come as well. He looks worried that Tsukushi didn't come until he finally sees her enter the room, and a relieved expression crosses his face. Of course Tsukushi and Doumyouji start arguing right away

The whole gang settles in and then heads to the slopes where everyone tries skiing and snowboarding. Tsukushi is not having much luck with her snowboard when Doumyouji soars by her and comes to a halt, commenting on her lack of skill. He then pulls out a new toy, a small green thing with a LED screen on it that displays japanese characters one letter at a time to form words. He turns it on and holds it up to Tsukushi. The word it flashes means 'clumsy fool'. This makes Tsukushi mad, so she snowboards past him and takes the toy from him. They laugh and he shows her how to use it. Asai and her friends witness this scene and are not happy.

That night, Yuki and Tsukushi take a bath in the logde's *huge* bathroom, in a tub the size of a swimming pool. The bath toys from the eyecatch show up here again, along with some matching facial care products. The girls talk and relax. Yuki finishes up first, and says she'll meet Tsukushi in their room later. Tsukushi finishes, but when she goes to meet Yuki, Yuki isn't there. Tsukushi looks around but can find no sign of Yuki. Tsukushi goes downstairs and asks Rui is he has seen Yuki, but Rui doesn't recall who Yuki even is. (Tsukushi is really irritated about this :) Rui watches as Tsukushi asks Asai and her friends if they know where Yuki is, and Asai says that Yuki went outside. It is dark and snowy outside. This seems dangerous to Tsukushi, and before Rui can stop her, Tsukushi darts outside into the snow to find her friend.

Rui goes upstaris and finds Nishikado playing cards with Sakurako and a girl he learns is Yuki, meaning that Asai has lied, and that Tsukushi is out alone in the cold blizzard night. Out in the snow, Tsukushi finds herself lost. She makes a wong turn and slips, twisting her ankle. She cannot find Yuki no matter how much she calls out. Tsukushi slips again and falls to the bottom of a slope. She is unable to move, and the snow is piling up on top of her. She pulls out the toy Doumyouji gave her and watches as the red lights spell out 'clumsy fool'.

Toys used in the episode:
The bath toys from the eyecatch appear again, along with facial care products. Doumyouji gives Tsukushi the toy that spell sout words one character at a time, and Tsukushi later looks at it while in the snowstorm.

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