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Episode: 29

Title: "Aitsu no Nekumori", "His Warmth"


Tsukushi has gone out into the snowstorm after her friend Yuki, and has twisted her ankle. She is lying at the bottom of a hill, with snow piling up on top of her. At the lodge, the F4, Yuki, and Sakurako confront the cowering Asai and her friends and accuse them of lying. And angry Doumyouji decides to go out after Tsukushi on a snowmobile. Out in the snow, Doumyouji has a hard time finding his way, what with the harsh blizzard around him.

Tsukushi is slowly losing consciousness, slipping into dreams about her future. She imagined that she would graduate from school and go to work at a company where she would make friends to go out with. She would have enough money to buy presents for her parents.

Doumyouji saves Tsukushi! On the snowmobile, Doumyouji can't find Tsukushi. He then hits a rock covered with snow and goes flying, crashing the snowmobile into a tree. He gets up and continues his search on foot. (The wet snow has caused his hair to straighten! Yay!) Doumyouji slips, but sees a red light shining through the snow. It is the toy he had given Tsukushi, so he knows she is close. He slips down a small hill, and falls to the ground. His hand hits something hard under the snow, and he sees that it is Tsukushi's leg. He uncovers her, and sees she is limp and unconscious. She is not breathing. Doumyouji begins CPR.

Lost in her own dreams, Tsukushi dreams that with her sucessful career, she meets and marries a man that she loves. She imagines herself at the altar, and when she goes to kiss the faceless groom, he suddenly turns out to be Doumyouji. Startled, she opens her eyes to find that Doumyouji has been giving her CPR. He picks her up in his arms and looks for shelter, preventing her from falling asleep again in his arms by headbutting her. He finds a small shack where he starts a fire and tells her to take off her clothes. He takes off his shirt, and yells at her at her initial reluctance to remove her shirt. He wraps a blanket around her, and lies down with her under the it, His Warmth!holding her body close to his to share his warmth. They fall asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, after an embarassing incident with some startled Canadian skiers, Doumyouji carries Tsukushi back to the lodge where everyone is glad to see them. Doumyouji starts to yell at Asai and her friends, and looks ready to physically harm them when Tsukushi tells him to stop, and he does. In the kitchen, Sakurako has a good time forcing Asai, Ayuhara, and Yamano to cook some food for Tsukushi and Doumyouji.

At the table, Tsukushi and Doumyouji are both eating like starved people, wolfing down their food. Akira and Nishikado voice the question about where Tsukushi and Doumiyouji spent the night. The small toy Rui bought Tsukushion their date is brought out, and someone asks it if Tsukushi and Doumyouji did anything ecchi (perverted) last night. Fingers are forced onto the toy, and the couple are embarassed when the toy replies 'yes'.

On the lodge staircase, Tsukushi and Doumyouji share a moment of embarassed rememberance of the night before, and each one cannot sleep that night as they think about the day's events. They go outside. Tsukushi watches the fireworks that the other girls are playing with. Doumyouji decides he wants to talk to Tsukushi, so after a few very funny tries to get her attention, the two go off into the woods to talk.

In the woods, they talk about what happened, and they almost end up arguing again. Doumyouji tells Tsukushi again about his feelings, but a passing snowplow prevents his words from being heard.

Toys used in the episode:
The new toy that Doumyouji gave Tsukushi in episode 28 is what leads him to find her in ep 29. The question-anwserer toy Rui gave Tsukushi is used by Nishikado and Akira as they try to find out what the couple did the night before. Doumyouji uses the toy that spells out words to try to show Tsukushi his feelings for her.

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