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Episode: 3

Title: "Kizutsuitari Shinai!", "I won't get hurt!"


Tsukushi has been tricked! She arrives at the casual "Jeans Party" she had been invited to by Asai and her friends to discover that she is the only one not in formal clothing. Asai, Ayuhara, and Yamano quickly approach Tsukushi and begin to make fun of her, taunting her for actually believing them when they said the party was casual. Some college guys approach them and take some interest in Tsukushi because of her different clothing. But before Tsukushi can talk to them, Asai and friends blurt out the same message that was on the chalkboard at school: Tsukushi is a slut from Jr. Tsukushi gets em!high who slept with all the guys and has an illegitimate child. The college guys are shocked and walk away. Tsukushi learns that the three girls were responsible for the message on the board. Asai and her friends are jealous of the attention Tsukushi has been getting from the F4. They are all after rich husbands for themselves and wanted to get the F4 boys all for themselves. They make fun of Tsukushi, but Tsukushi gets mad and retaliates, making fun of Asai and her friends, pouring her drink on them, pointing out their man-hunting schemes and fake jewelry. =)

At home, Tsukushi ponders her feelings for Rui, and denies that she is in love with him. She can't be. She ends up meeting Rui on the school stairway the next day. For some reason, the conversation turns to the topic of France, as Rui asks Tsukushi if she knows the time difference between Japan and France. Tsukushi doesn't know. Later that day, Tsukushi is cornered by Asai and her friends, who show her a magazine article about a beautiful model named Toudou Shizuka who is a huge sensation in France. They tell her that Shizuka is Hanazawa Rui's first love, and that Tsukushi should just give up. Tsukushi is shocked at the news that she has such a beautiful rival for Rui's affections. Shizuka is beautiful, with long wavy hair. Asai, Yamano, and Ayuhara tease Tsukushi some more before Doumyouji appears and yells at the girls to go away. The girls run, and Tsukushi faces Doumyouji. Doumyouji seems to expect gushing gratitude from Tsukushi, and is annoyed when he doesn't get it. He brags about how cool he is. Tsukushi gets mad and lists off the things about him she doesn't like, including his funny curly hair.

Tsukushi meets up with Nishikado and Akira who invite Tsukushi to drink tea with them. They tell her about Rui's childhood and his relationship with Shizuka. Tsukushi becomes more depressed. Later that evening, Tsukushi is walking down a street and sees many posters of Toudou Shizuka. Shizuka is indeed beautiful. Tsukushi looks on and sees Rui leaning against one of the posters, pressing his lips to the lips on the poster, his eyes closed. Tsukushi is shocked at this display of love from Rui towards Shizuka. Rui sees Tsukushi and lets her know that he knows that she likes him.

The next day at school, Tsukushi is surprised to see Doumyouji looking so different. He has had his hair straightened. Normally very curly at the top of his head, it now hangs down in a curtain that almost reaches his chin. (very cute!!) Tsukushi remarks on how good he looks. Doumyouji is embarrassed and says that he didn't do it because of her teasing the day before. It took many hours to get the hair to go straight like that, but unfortunately it doesn't last very long :) Akira and Nishikado arrive and announce that Shizuka has arrived from France, where she had been for the last year.

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi uses the orange decision-maker question anwserer thing to get the truth from Asai and friends at the Jeans Party about their motives for going to the party and the fake jewelry. Tsukushi uses the voice memo to remind herself that she is not in love with Hanazawa Rui.

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