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Episode: 31

Title: "Shyoukeki! Nidome no Akafuda", "Shock! The Second Red Tag"


Asai and her friends are at a bookstore looking at some magazines when they see one with one of their favorite guys on it. They gush about how cute Junpei is, and then realize they recognize the girl on the cover with him. It's Tsukushi! The magazine is called 'Treasures' and the cover has the picture of Junpei lifting Tsukushi up and holding her close as they both stare into the camera. The news of Tsukushi and Junpei spreads across the school very quickly, and most of the girls in Tsukushi's class are upset. Not only is Tsukushi getting the attention of the sought-after F4, but also of the cute Junpei! When Tsukushi comes to class that day, everyone is staring at her, and all the girls look mad. Tsukushi is confused until Makiko-chan passes Tsukushi a copy of the magazine. When Tsukushi sees the cover, she freaks out.

The next thing you know. Tsukushi is dragging Junpei across the school grounds so that they can talk. He thought she was very cute in the picture. Tsukushi says something about not wanting to be friends with him if he couldn't understand her feelings about this. Junpei looks very contrite, and apologizes to Tsukushi over and over. Junpei hugs her and keeps saying he's sorry. In his hug, Tsukushi struggles to get him to let her go, saying alright, alright, she forgives him. Just then Doumyouji appears, holding a copy of the magazine in his hand and looking not too happy. He asks Tsukushi who this guy is, and Junpei introduces himstelf to Doumyouji as Tsukushi's boyfriend. Tsukushi gasps, and Junpei says well, he is a boy, and he is her friend, so he is her boy-friend. Doumyouji and Junpei talk a bit, and Doumyouji soon gets angry at Junpei's attitude and slams the model into a tree. Doumyouji is yelling a lot. Tsukushi asks Doumyouji to stop, but he doesn't. Junpei looks over at Tsukushi and asks her if she loves Doumyouji. This stops Doumyouji for a moment, and both guys look at Tsukushi.

Tsukushi just stares at them, thinking about her feelings. Love? hate? what does she feel? Doumyouji goes back to yelling at Junpei and starts hitting him hard. Junpei is fairly trashed by Doumyouji's punches when Tsukushi screams at them to stop. Tsukushi is crying. She talks about he life at the school, and wanting a little happiness, and the things she has gone through. She says she doesn't love anyone.

Doumyouji lets Junpei go, and Junpei goes over to the crying Tsukushi and helps her walk away, telling her not to cry. As they walk away, Doumyouji turns around and yells something about loving Tsukushi. Tsukushi doesn't look like she believes what he said. Everyone is shocked when they see the famous model Junpei walking with his arm around Tsukushi up the main steps of the school. Everyone recognizes him and didn't realize he went to Eitoku. Junpei is thinking that he will protect Tsukushi.

Walking around the school, Tsukushi remembers the events in episode 16. She had thought she was still in love with Rui, but then she thinks about the things Doumyouji has done for her. She holds the voice memo in her hand and looks very confused. Tsukushi is walking on the school grounds, thinking about working in order to pay Doumyouji back for the money he loaned to her. Tsukushi runs into Junpei, and they talk. He wants her to understand his feelings. Just then a flowerpot falls from the roof above them. Junpei sees it, and pushes Tsukushi out of the way. They both land hard on the ground. Tsukushi wonders who could have done it. Junpei isn't sure either, and asks if Doumyouji would have done it. Tsukushi thinks he wouldn't do that sort of thing. Walking on campus, Tsukushi runs into Akira and Nishikado, who ask her if she has seen Doumyouji. They haven't been able to find him all day. They look very worried. They also mention Tsukushi's magazine picture with Junpei.

The next day, Tsukushi opens her locker and is totally shocked to see another red card/paper hanging in it, just like what happened to her before. Is this Doumyouji's way of saying goodbye to her? Tsukushi is in the library, thinking things over, she feels very sad. She hears some people coming and hides behind a bookshelf. It is 3 guys, and they are talking about Tsukushi. Everyone seems to know about the red card in her locker. Just then Tsukushi slips on something, giving away her presence. The guys see her and chase her as she jumps out the window (on the 2nd floor too!) and runs. The guys soon catch her and start to thrash her when suddenly Junpei appears yelling at them to let Tsukushi go. Junpei has also received a red card in his locker too! Junpei then beats up one of the guys, causing the other 2 to run away in fear.

Junpei holds Tsukushi in his arms until she regains consciousness. He helps her up, and they sit down on a nearby bench. Tsukushi isn't feeling that great. Junpei offers to go get some juice and leaves. Tsukushi sits there until she sees the shadows and then the bulky forms of 4 strange guys approaching her. Tsukushi looks afraid.

When Junpei comes back with the juice, there is no trace of Tsukushi whatsoever.

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi holds onto the voice memo and looks up at the moon while thinking about her situation.

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