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Episode: 32

Title: "Doumyouji... konai?", "Doumyouji... won't come?"


Tsukushi has been kidnapped! While sitting and waiting for Junpei to get her some juice, Tsukushi was approached by 4 large, mean looking guys. The next thing we see is Junpei arrive back to find Tsukushi gone! Now Tsukushi is sitting tied up and gagged inside some sort of gym or warehouse. (There is sporting equipment around) Her kidnappers stand around her, sneering at her. They tell her they don't plan to kill her. Sneering some more, one of the guys approaches Tsukushi and cuts a huge portion of the hair from one side of her head off! Just then the 'boss' of the thugs enters the room. Tsukushi looks up in startlement as she realizes who was responsible for her kidnapping.

Meanwhile, Akira, Rui, and Nishikado have arrived at Doumyouji's house. They have been looking for him all day. They finally find him out on a balcony, happily cooking some fish. Angrily they yell at him. He has no idea why they are so upset. The guys ask Doumyouji what he was planning for Tsukushi.

Tsukushi looks up at the face of the man responsible for her kidnapping. It is Junpei! He walks over to her and apologizes for taking her like this. He explains that it was he who was responsible for the red tag in her locker, for the flowerpot that nearly hit her, and for the kidnapping. He turns and talks to the thugs, and gets into an argument with them. He punches one of them and yells at him. Tsukushi watches this in disbelief. She remembers the Junpei she thought she knew, the one who helped her deal with Asai, the one who asked to be friends and shared her sentiments about getting away from Eitoku Gakuen. She can't believe her Junpei and this one are the same person.

Junpei gets mad and yells at the thugs to leave for awhile. As soon as the other guys are gone, Junpei removes Tsukushi's gag. Tsukushi immediately starts yelling at Junpei, calling him an idiot, trying to hit him with her head, and crying. Tsukushi can't believe he would do this. Junpei explains his reasons, saying that he is using her to get back at Doumyouji. Apparently Doumyouji had beaten up Junpei's older brother when they were in elementary school or something. Junpei wants revenge. His brother's humiliation had a great effect on him. Angrily, Junpei punches some of the sporting equipment. Tsukushi asks what all of that has to do with her, and Junpei says that because she is here, Doumyouji will come.

Looking at Rui, Akira, and Nishikado in confusion, Doumyouji says that he was not responsible for any red card in her locker. The F4 stand there confused and worried when a maid rushes in, carrying something. She hands it to Doumyouji, and he recognizes it as a hunk of Tsukushi's hair and the green toy he had given to her in Canada. The F4 stand there in shock and realize something bad has happened to Tsukushi. The green toy spells out the location of where Doumyouji is to go, alone. Doumyouji intends to go after Tsukushi by himself. The other 3 want to help him, but he is supposed to go there alone.

Tsukushi looks up at Junpei in confusion. She thought they were friends. Tsukushi gets mad and begins to yell at him. Junpei gets madder as well and yells back at her, saying she doesn't understand his feelings. Tsukushi agrees, she doesn't, and yells at him more. Junpei gets so angry that he grabs on to Tsukushi and drags her face to his, trying to force a kiss on her. He pulls back suddenly, blood on his lip where Tsukushi has bitten him. Tsukushi looks at him and remembers the old Junpei. Tsukushi says Doumyouji will not come.

The clock strikes 12, and the rest of the thugs return. They are annoyed that Junpei removed the tape from Tsukushi's mouth. Tsukushi says that Doumyouji will not come for her. The thugs look at Junpei and ask him how he got that blood on his lips. Tsukushi yells at the thugs. They grab her. She continues to yell at them, her voice changing to tones of mockery as she begins to laugh at them, saying they have wasted their time, Doumyouji won't come. one of the thugs gets angry and slaps Tsukushi, sending her sprawling. He grabs her again and presses her face into the ground. Tsukushi says she is not Doumyouji's girl. The thug hits her again, and Tsukushi tumbles across the ground some more. The thug is about to hit Tsukushi again when Junpei stops him. Suddenly, the door opens.

It is Doumyouji! Tsukushi stares at him in shock, he came for her! The thugs look happy, and one of them eagrly grabs his baseball bat. Tsukushi yells at Doumyouji, 'Why did you come, you idiot!' Another thug grabs Tsukushi's hair and holds a knife to her face. This causes Doumyouji to tense with anger. The remaining thugs surround Doumyouji and begin to punch him. The one with the baseball bat hits Doumyouji with it, breaking the bat. Tsukushi yells at them to stop, but they don't. Junpei approaches Doumyouji, and Doumyouji slowly raises arm to punch Junpei, but then lets it drop. Tsukushi cries as Doumyouji lowers his head and allows the 5 guys to beat him up. For what seems like forever and ever, the thugs beat the living daylights out of Doumyouji. Blood flies, the sounds of Doumyouji grunting in pain and Tsukushi crying fill the air. (This whole scene is really hard to watch! =( It is mostly done in shadows)

Much later, the rest of the F4 are still waiting at Doumyouji's house. They are getting very worried and are impatient to help Doumyouji. But the message said to come alone. Akira is frustrated because the F4 are supposed to be 4, not 1. Finally they decide to go after Doumyouji.

Doumyouji lays crumpled on some sporting equipment, gasping for breath. Defiantly, he asks if they are done already. The thugs think he is wierd. Slowly, Doumyouji struggles to his feet. Angry, Junpei grabs a fold-up chair and hurls it at Doumyouji. Tsukushi screams and jumps in fromt of Doumyouji, yelling his name. The chair hits Tsukushi hard in the back. Junpei and the thugs just stare at Tsukushi in shock. Tsukushi looks at the thugs and tells them to stop. Are they going to beat her too? One of them looks ready to beat her up, but Junpei stops him, and tells them they are leaving. They walk out the door.

Alone with a very battered Doumyouji, Tsukushi asks if he is okay. She asks why he took on 5 guys by himself and call shim an idiot. Doumyouji says he did it to protect her. Then his body goes limp. Tsukushi stares at Doumyouji in shock and screams his name. She then yells, 'Don't Die!'

Toys used in the episode:
The green toy Doumyouji gave Tsukushi in Canada is used by Junpei to deliver the location of Tsukushi.

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