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Episode: 33

Title: "Itsuka waraeru hi", "Someday we'll laugh at this day"


Doumyouji is standing on the roof of a very tall building. He is walking along the edge of the roof, looking down at the ground far below. Tsukushi is up on the roof with him. He says "You hate me, don't you," Then says something about love and hate. Tsukushi thinks about Love and hate as well. Then Doumyouji says see ya later, and suddenly, Doumyouji smiles at Tsukushi and lets himself fall backwards over the edge of the building. Screaming, Tsukushi wakes up to find herself in a strange room. She is in a hospital, and her mother is there in the room with her. Tsukushi realizes she is there after what happened to herself and Doumyouji before. Thinking about Doumyouji, Tsukushi jumps up and races out of her room, leaving her mother behind. Tsukushi is frantic to find out how Doumyouji is. After harassing a poor hospital nurse who isn't giving her any anwsers, Tsukushi meets up with Rui, who is holding a bouquet of white flowers (lillies I believe). Rui looks very sad. What he says to Tsukushi, combined with the sight of the white flowers (which happen to be the symbol of death) make Tsukushi fear the worst.

Tsukushi finds Doumyouji's room, and hears the sounds of crying coming from it. She goes into the room and finds Doumyouji laid out on the bed with a cloth over his face. Soujirou is sitting by the bed crying. Akira is facing the windows, and sniffling sounds can be heard coming from him. Shocked, Tsukushi believes Doumyouji to be dead. Sitting down by him, she starts talking to him and crying, then starts insulting him ^_^ Doumyouji isn't too thrilled at what he is hearing, but tries to remain still. Finally, he opens his eyes and yells at Tsukushi. Tsukushi is surprised badly by Doumyouji being alive. Then Soujirou and Akira burst out laughing, as does Doumyouji. Shocked and hurt that they tricked her, Tsukushi begins to beat them up :) Outside of the room, Rui approaches, hears the ruckus going on inside and decides it would probably be better for him to not make an appearance yet =) He sticks his tounge out at the door playfully.

Akira and Nishikado also make a strategic exit at this time. Before they go, Doumyouji stops them and gives them a paper. On it is a list of the guys who beat him up, their descriptions, and the number of kicks and hits each one deserves =) The two nod and leave.

Alone with him, Tsukushi sits and faces away from him. Doumyouji starts talking and sound very petulant :) Tsukushi just sits there. Doumyouji wants to know what is wrong. Sfaces away from him. He talks about helping her, and paying for the hospital etc. Tsukushi turns around and looks at him, she has tears in her eyes. Doumyouji looks surprised. Tsukushi says that he shouldn't have come, she couldn't believe he came, he was such an idiot to come! She was very worried.

Outside the hospital, someone arrives, enters, and is heading up to Doumyouji's room. Meanwhile, Tsukushi is crying. Doumyouji wants to know why she was surprised he would come. He tries to comfort her and tells her not to cry. He says osmething else too. He cheers her up and sme smiles and calls him an idiot. Just then the door opens and enters the room. It is Junpei!

Doumyouji looks at him over Tsukushi's shoulder and frowns. Tsukushi wonders at Doumyouji's expression and looks at him, surprised to see him. Tsukushi jumps up and stands between Doumyouji and Junpei, thinking perhaps he has come to harass Doumyouji again. Doumyouji stops her. Junpei walks to a window and looks out, saying he was worried (I think). Doumyouji asks what all of it was about, and Junpei tells the story of how in Jr. High, Doumyouji really punched his older brother very hard. Doumyouji is surprised that this is that guy's younger borther. Junpei talks some more about his brother and talks about Tsukushi and using her to get Doumyouji. Doumyouji seems very calm and is accepting all of this.

Quietly he asks Junpei if he kissed Tsukushi, and Junpei says yes he did. Tsukushi is quick to jump up and deny this, saying she bit him. Junpei walks over to Tsukushi and apologoizes for what he did. Tsukushi tells him to hurry and leave. Junpei says something about Tsukushi loving Doumyouji and then leaves. Tsukushi watches him go and thinks that she can almost understand his feelings a little.

Kazuya and Sakurako have arirved at the hospital. Kazuya is very worried and is dragging Sakurako with him. As he gets on the elevator, he is shocked to confront Junpei who is on his way out. Kazuya yells at Junpei and calls him an idiot. He looks to Sakurako for agreement, but Sakurako is drooling over how cute Junpei is. When they get to Doumyouji's room, they happily greet her. Outside the hotel, Junpei walks away, remembering his time as Tsukushi's friend, meeting her at school, doing the photo shoot, etc. He can hear Kazuya and Tsukushi laughing together from the open window upstairs. He looks genuinely sad that he lost her friendship through what he did. He leaves.

Later, Rui, Nishikado, and Akira return to the hospital, his time with photos. They call over to Tsukushi, who comes into the room. They show them to Doumyouji and Tsukushi. The photos depict the remaining F4 guys beating the crud out of the guys who had attacked Doumyouji. The last picture shows the guys beaten into submission and Rui shaving off all of their hair. =) How satisfying :)

Akira and Nishikado say stuff about love and mimic lovers, holding eachother in their arms and saying 'It's love!' then they ask Tsukushi about Doumyouji. She denies everything, but they press her, seeming to want to get her and Doumyouji together. What does she think about him? Tsukushi just stands there looking blank. They back her into a wall. Tsukushi says that she doesn't like his money... She is being pressured by Akira and Nishikado. Finally, Tsukushi stutters and says that she thinks inside Doumyouji is a dog. This pretty much shuts everyone up except for Rui who begins laughing hard. All everyone else can say is 'Inu?' ('dog?') Little picturs of dogs race by, with lots of barking sound effects. Tsukushi leaves the room in a hurry :)

Toys used in the episode:
I didn't notice any! Wow!

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