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Episode: 34

Title: "Ore no Daiji na Onna Desu!", "The Girl Most Important to Me!"


After the tumultuous events of the last few days, Tsukushi must go back to school. Unfortunately, her hair was cut by her kidnappers, so she has to have it cut. Tsukushi sits at home while her mother stands behind her, hacking off the rest of her hair to match the length cut by her kidnappers. When Tsukushi sees the result, she starts to scream.

The next day at school, Tsukushi walks into her classroom to hear Asai & Co. Making snotty remarks about Tsukushi. Tsukushi confronts them angrily, but they start laughing when they see her hair. Tsukushi's hair is shown, and it does indeed look rather funny. It has been cut straight across the bottom, and now it just reaches her chin. It looks sorta like a pageboy haircut.

Walking in the school hallway, Akira, Rui, and Soujirou are talking when someone bumps into Soujirou and keeps on walking. Angry, Soujirou turns around and yells at the person who bumped into him. The person turns around. It is Tsukushi! She quietly apologizes to them, but the guys have been stricken dumb when they saw her. Their faces are blank. Tsukushi frowns as she notices they are struggling not to laugh at her hair. They can't hold it in, and they are all laughing at her. Tsukushi sighs. The guys think she looks familiar with her haircut, and Tsukushi says she looks like Kintarou (a Japanese mythological character). The guys ask who cut her hair, and Tsukushi says her mother did. They ask why she didn't go to a Salon, and she said it was because she couldn't afford to. Sighing over the sad state of poor people in general, Rui offers a solution.

Out on the staircase, Tsukushi is sitting down with Rui behind her. He is holding a razor blade. Rui has decided to cut Tsukushi's hair for her. He did cut his own hair after he had returned from France, so he knew what he was doing. Tsukushi was apprehensive at the sight of the razor he was using though. Rui begins to work on Tsukushi's hair, giving it a gentler, layered look. (I guess he has natural hairstyling talent, something to fall back on in case he loses his fortune ^_^) Just then Doumyouji has arrived at school and finds Rui and Tsukushi alone together on the staircase. He looks a bit upset. Tsukushi quickly tries to explain that Rui is just there to cut her hair. Rui then says he is done and makes a strategic exit, saying something to Doumyouji about a party before he leaves.

Tsukushi asks Doumyouji what Rui meant about a party. Doumyouji looks a bit embarrassed or shy or something, and says that his birthday is soon. Tsukushi calmly says ‘Happy Birthday'. Doumyouji looks disappointed, like this wasn't the response he was looking for. He then asks if Tsukushi is doing anything the Sunday after next, and she says she isn't. Doumyouji invites her to his party, and says he wants to introduce her to people. He also tells her she has to bring him a present :)

At work later on with Yuki, Tsukushi looks worried. She is thinking about being invited to Doumyouji's party, and wonders what to get a rich guy like Doumyouji. Yuki and Tsukushi think about it, and Yuki suggests a cake or something. This gives Tsukushi an idea.

It is the night of the party, and Tsukushi is approaching Doumyouji's house holding a gift bag. She is wearing a long coat. Before she gets to the front gates, she meets up with Rui, Akira, and Soujirou. They are all gorgeous in fancy tuxes. Tsukushi admires how they look and how elegant their clothing is. The guys look at Tsukushi and ask what she is wearing. Tsukushi opens her coat to reveal a very plain green dress. The guys just stare at her and then confer amongst themselves. They then grab Tsukushi and decide to subject her to yet another forced make over =)The guys get to the main house without seeing Doumyouji, and look for Tsubaki. Tsubaki is also gorgeous in a designer gown. Tsubaki takes one look at Tsukushi and can understand what the guys mean about Tsukushi's clothing. (She always seems to be underdressed). However Tsubaki seems ready to let Tsukushi stay how she is when the guys remind Tsubaki about who all was there at the party. Tsubaki frowns and decides to have Tsukushi try on some of her clothing from when she was Tsukushi in Tsubaki's old Dress Tsukushi's age. Tsukushi thinks about the differences in Tsubaki's and her own body types and doesn't think this is going to work.

Tsukushi tries on many of Tsubaki's designer clothing, but most of it is too big and looks funny on Tsukushi. The guys have a hard time holding in their laughter. Tsukushi is not too thrilled. Finally Tsubaki picks out a dress she thinks will work. It is a blue 2-piece wrap around sort of thing with flowers on it, very pretty.

Doumyouji is out mingling with his guests, accepting their polite congratulations on his 18th birthday. Everything seems very formal. Doumyouji keeps glancing towards the front gates in hopes of seeing Tsukushi, but looks disappointed when he doesn't see her.

Tired of having everyone laughing at her, Tsukushi suddenly seems reluctant to try on any more clothing. The guys and Tsubaki try to talk her into it, and (arg, I wish I could understand what they say here!) Say something about Doumyouji being 18 now, and pressures from his mother, and something about marriage. (I am really unsure here, *sigh*) At any rate, what they say convinces Tsukushi to wear the dress.

Doumyouji is still mingling with the guests when he finally sees Tsukushi, and looks startled by her pretty appearance in the dress of Tsubaki's which does fit well. Doumyouji excuses himself from the people he was talking to and approaches Tsukushi, who immediately reaches up to straighten his bow tie. Doumyouji chides her for being late. Tsukushi laughs.

Looking on at all of this is Doumyouji's mother, whose eyes narrow as she takes in the scene of her son being familiar with this strange girl. Not looking very happy, she begins to make her way towards her son. Tsukushi and Doumyouji are talking. Doumyouji asks Tsukushi where her present is for him, and she lies, saying she forgot to get him one. This makes Doumyouji upset. Actually, Tsukushi had brought a present in the gift bag, but when she saw the fancy, expensive presents everyone else had brought, she couldn't bring herself to give him her poor present. Doumyouji and Tsukushi are standing by the food/drink table when Doumyouji says there is someone he wants to introduce her to. He turns to pull her in his direction when his mother appears at their side. She frowns at the two of them, looking most displeased. Doumyouji's mother is very elegant, and seems to be a perfectionist, and a snob. Doumyouji suddenly looks very stressed. Tsukushi feels very intimidated by the displeasure radiating from his mother. She steps back and stumbles, knocking a glass from the table to the ground, shattering it. Tsukushi gasps and goes to pick y the pieces when Doumyouji's mother crushes them under her shoe. Tsukushi looks up at her and feels fear. Doumyouji's mother looks at her son and demands to know who this girl is. Doumyouji glares back at his mother and announces to everyone at the party that Tsukushi is the most important person to him!

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