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Episode: 35

Title: "Koi no Touhikou", "Love's Escape"


The scene is Doumyouji's 18th birthday party. Tsukushi and Doumyouji have met at the party and have been approached by Doumyouji's mother, who does not look happy at all to see them together. With disapproval written all over her, she had confronted Doumyouji about the girl. Much to everyone's surprise, Doumyouji announced to everyone that Tsukushi was the. most important girl to him.

That announcement pretty much captured the attention of everyone there. Everyone looks pretty shocked, even the rest of the F4. (Why the F4 look so surprised, I don't know, didn't they know this already?) Akira and Soujirou try to jump to Tsukushi's rescue by going on about how Tsukushi was a classmate of theirs at Eitoku Gakuen (implying that only well-bred rich types go there thus Tsukushi is suitable.) Doumyouji's mother snaps angrily at Akira and Nishikado, and they apologize and back away.

Tsukushi is impressed that Doumyouji's mother intimidates the F4. Doumyouji's mother glares at Tsukushi and asks her name. Tsukushi gives her name, Makino Tsukushi. Doumyouji's mother doesn't recognize the Makino name and asks what her father does for a living. Tsukushi feels dread as she thinks of her father (very funny :) but before she can answer, Rui comes up next to her and says that Tsukushi's father is the president of the Makino corporation. Tsukushi stares up at Rui in shock at what he was doing. Akira and Soujirou jump in, backing Rui up all the way.

Doumyouji's mother, upon hearing this says something to the effect of not knowing about this company. If this is true, then Tsukushi should have been raised with all the refinements of luxury, and therefore Tsukushi should play a piece on the piano for everyone! This makes Tsukushi very upset. Akira asks if she knows how to play a grand piano, but of course Tsukushi doesn't. Doumyouji's mother leads the way indoors to the music room. Tsukushi sits down at the piano while a crowd gathers around to watch. Doumyouji just leans against a wall watching Tsukushi too.

Tsukushi is about to panic again :) Akira and Nishikado try to cheer her up, and look very hopeful that she will be able to play. The room goes quiet as Tsukushi raises her hands and begins to play. Play is not exactly the right word. Tsukushi is banging her hands on the piano keys, creating a clamor that has everyone in the room wincing. Doumyouji's mother just stares at Tsukushi with a frown on her face. Doumyouji smiles a little.

When Tsukushi is done playing, Doumyouji's mother gets up and approaches Doumyouji. She is not happy and can see right through what they were doing. She asks Doumyouji what it is about Tsukushi, and he says he likes her very much. Angry, his mother hits him hard. Tsubaki watches all of this with great distress. It seems that Tsubaki has her own bad relationship with her mother. Tsubaki rushes forward and grabs Doumyouji, saying that she called a taxi. She grabs Tsukushi and sends them running out of the room, escaping from his mother. On the way out, Tsukushi grabs her gift bag from Akira.

Running away from the party, Tsukushi and Doumyouji encounter his mother's bodyguards, but manage to knock them out and get to the waiting taxi. They leave the party in the taxi, with everyone standing at the front gate watching them leave. Tsubaki ignores her mother's glare.

In the taxi, the two try to catch their breath. Doumyouji looks over at Tsukushi and sees that she has fallen asleep.

The rest of the F4 are in a bar having a few drinks and talking about what happened. They wonder if what Doumyouji said about Tsukushi being important to him is true. They all share a memory of when they were in Jr. High, and Doumyouji's mother came in an was her usual not-so-cheerful self.

Later, Doumyouji pulls on Tsukushi's cheeks, trying to wake her up. Not much luck though. Finally he tries what worked in Canada, headbutting her. This wakes Tsukushi up right away. Tsukushi looks around and wonders where she is. Looking out the windows, she sees that she is on Doumyouji's yacht, the same one they were on in Atami. Walking on the deck, Tsukushi is wearing Doumyouji's coat, while he shivers with cold. They stand by a railing and look out into the ocean. Tsukushi remarks that this is the yacht they were on in Atami, and he confirms her thoughts that it is. She pauses to remember the last time she was on the yacht, the night of her ‘Cinderella' party in which Shizuka made her look beautiful and they fished for squid. This leads to the memory of her first kiss, the encounter with Doumyouji on the darkened dance floor. Tsukushi blushes.

Doumyouji says something wrong, and Tsukushi corrects him. They go inside, and Doumyouji makes them some tea. T He asks her if she has ever heard of the Maple Hotels. She has, they are very exclusive, fancy hotels. Doumyouji says that ‘Maple' in Japanese is ‘Kaede'. Doumyouji Kaede is his mother's name. Tsukushi exclaims that Doumyouji Kaede is a cute name. Then she makes the connection and realizes that the Hotels were named after his mother because the Doumyouji Group owns them. Tsukushi is very stunned/impressed (intimidated?) by the extent of the family's wealth. He talks about his nature and says it is up to her to decide what hs nature is. Tsukushi looks uncomfortable, and brings out the toy Rui bought her on their date, and holds it out as if she would use that to decide. However Doumyouhi grabs it and slides it away (I can see the execs at Bandai fainting at this :).

Meanwhile, at Doumyouji masion, Kaede is sitting at a table with some of her staff. They are handing her a report. It is information about Tsukushi's family. She has had them investigated and knows the truth about the Makino Family. She does not like the idea of Tsukushi and Doumyouji associating with each other and has every intention of doing something about it.

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi brings out Rui's toy, but Doumyouji slides it aside.

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