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Episode: 36

Title: "Tsukasa no Haha no Hisokana Takurami", "Tsukasa's Mother's Secret Plan"


Doumyouji Kaede announces she has a plan to seperate Tsukushi and Doumyouji. She'd had Tsukushi's family investigated, and knows the truth about how poor she is. Kaede snaps at her henchmen to set her plan in motion.

Tsukushi and Doumyouji are still on his yacht. They are in a parlor, sitting across from each other. Tsukushi is holding a pillow. She wants to leave the yacht, but he says no way. Tsukushi's stomach growls loudly. However there is no food on the yacht right now.

Starving, Tsukushi tries to think of something to do. Then he remembers what they did when they were in Atami. Squid fishing! That is what they can do! Doumyouji and Tsukushi set up some chairs out on the deck and set out a line. Tsukushi has a blanket around her.

Tsukushi talks about going shell gathering with her family at the beach. He seems unfamiliar with this, so Tsukushi explains how she and her family would go to a beach and walk around picking up shells. Her father would hurt his back and they would have to help him. Doumyouji looks interested, and comments on how that seems like an activity poor people would so... but it sounds fun. Tsukushi is surprised he would admit this. She looks at him and thinks about his family and what kind of childhood he must have had with his sister.

Doumyouji sneezes, and Tsukushi sees how cold he is. She drags her chair near his and wraps part of her blanket around him. They sit there, and Tsukushi becomes aware of her arm leaning against him and starts talking. Doumyouji manages to say something to freak her out and she jumps out of her chair. (I think it has to do with sex? ^_^;;, the way Tsukushi is freaking out so much.) Tsukushi says that she doesn't understand her own feelings at all. She gets her blank and sits back down next to him and they look at the fishing line. He says something again that annoys her. She jumps to her feet again. Then the line begins to jerk violently. They have got something big!

A short while later, Doumyouji and Tsukushi stare at the massive pile of seaweed they caught. Doumyouji complains that he is losing his energy, and that he is hungry. Tsukushi is as well. She thinks for a minute, and then remembers something! She runs back to the parlor and finds her gift bag, In it is the gift she made for him. Doumyouji asks her what is in the bag, but she tries to hide it. He ignores her and grabs the wrapped tin. He asks what it is, and she says it is a birthday present for him. He is surprised, he thought she said she forgot one. Tsukushi admits she didn't think her gift measured up to the expensive gifts from the people at the party. Doumyouji unwraps the package (hastily tearing through Tsukushi's expensive wrapping) and opens the tin.

Inside the tin are a whole bunch of little cookies shaped like Doumyouji's face, each one featuring a different one of his moods, from happy to sad to angry. Doumyouji doesn't say anything, he just stares silently at the cookies. Tsukushi feels uncomfortable, and begins jabbering about the gift, talking about his face, etc. He is still silent, and looking at the cookies. Finally, sure that he doesn't like it, Tsukushi reaches out to grab them away from him. When she reaches towards him, he grabs her wrist and drags her forward to his lap and kisses her!

They kiss for a long time, and when they finally break apart, Doumyouji has a *huge* grin on his face. He says he is SO VERY HAPPY! Tsukushi is surprised. She has never seen his face as happy as a child's before.

Finally it is morning, and Doumyouji has a taxi take her home.

Wearing his jacket, Tsukushi stands by the cab, saying good bye to Doumyouji. She asks him about his mother, and her returning to New York. Then Doumyouji tells her to look at something. He pulls out the green toy he'd given to her in Canada, and begins to punch a message on it. he holds it up as it flashes the letters, but teh cab drives away before she can read what the message says ("Aishiteru", "I love you"). Tsukushi wonders what that was all about, and walks down the steps towards her home. She remembers their kiss. She doesn't understand him. Tsukushi is really tired and heads straight to bed as soon as she gets home.

Doumyouji is not tired at all. He heads straight to Rui's house and barges into Rui's room where Rui is fast asleep. Doumyouji tries to wake Rui up, but Rui doesn't want to budge. (Rui is wearing his PJ bottoms only and looks really cute and sleepy :) Doumyouji holds up his gift and excitedly shows it off to Rui, who is so tired that he isn't that impressed. Doumyouji is mad that Rui wants to go back to sleep. Rui notes that it is 6:30 am. Doumyouji is so very happy about his delicious cookies. He holds Rui's head up and shoves a cookie near him to look at it. Rui yawns and takes a bite of the cookie. Doumyouji gets very angry that rui would eat one of his cookies! (Doumyouji looks so happy about his gift, it is so cute :)

At the Doumyouji mansion, Tsubaki greets her mother in the morning. Her mother has her plan set in motion. Tsubaki seems to be on unsteady terms with her mother. Tsubaki wangts to know what her mother has in store for Doumyouji and Tsukushi, but Kaede isn't going to say anything. They argue for a bit, and I get teh impression that Tsubaki is very hurt by all of this, as if what Kaede has planned for Doumyouji also happened to her and she wants to stop it. Kaede leaves the room, and Tsubaki is left standing by the window, tears streaming down her cheeks.

At Tsukushi's house, her sleep is interrupted by knocking on the door. Tsukushi's dad anwers it and yells in annoyance at the people there before he gets a good look at them. When he does, he falls over. Tsukushi's parents frantically try to waker Tsukushi up as they tell her that she has a guest, Doumyouji Kaede! Her parents do their best to dress up nicely to receive their guests, but they look so shabby it is sad. sukushi's father is so nervous he introduces himself as Tsukushi's mother. Mama has her make up done wrong, and has lipstick trailing past the edges of her mouth.

When they greet Kaede, she is with one of her guards, who holds a briefcase. Kaede opend the briefcase to reveal a *lot* of money, and basically tries to pay off Tsukushi to keep away from her son. The makinos stare at the money, it is no doubt the first time they saw that much money. It glows!

Tsukushi's family stares at the money, and Tsukushi finds herself getting mad that Kaede would do such a rude thing. She feels like doing something, but her mother beats her to it! Cheiko gets to her feet, walks over to a counter, gets out the container of sugar and proceeds to calmly pour out the contents on Kaede's head! Makino Chieko frowns at Kaede and firmly rejects the offer! Tsukushi is shocked!

Toys used in the episode:
Doumyouji once again tries to spell out 'I Love You' on the green toy from Canada, but the taxi pulls away before Tsukushi can read it.

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