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Episode: 37

Title: "Shikumareta taiketsu!", "Planned Confrontation!"


Tsukushi's mother has gravely insulted Doumyouji's mother! After having been offered an incredible amount of money to stay away from Doumyouji, Tsukushi's mother dumped sugar on Doumyouji Kaede's head and told her to keep her money! Tsukushi is surprised and impressed by her mother's actions. Kaede sits calmly, sugar streaming down her shoulders, and takes her servant, Nishida with her and politely takes her leave. As soon as Kaede is gone, Tsukushi and her Papa (Just where is her brother Susumu during all of this?!) confront Mama. Tsukushi thinks all of these great things about her mom, but her lofty thoughts are immediately shattered when her mother reveals her motive for her actions.

Mama doesn't think they should bother settling for such an awesome amount of money. If Tsukushi manages to marry Doumyouji, she will get much more money for the family :) She urges Tsukushi to do her best in trying to get Doumyouji. Tsukushi is incredibly disappointed.

The next morning, Tsubaki is in front of the mansion looking at some roses. She tries to pick one but pricks her finger on a thorn. She sees her mother's servant, Nishida, what is going on with Tsukushi and Doumyouji and Kaede's attempts to separate them. Nishida looks a bit regretful, but cannot say. Tsubaki stands with a unhappy look on her face.

At Rui's house, the F4 are gathered, and Doumyouji is showing off his cookies to all of them now. Rui looks very sleepy still. Doumyouji points out how each cookie looks just like him, he is so happy =) the others wonder why he is so happy. Nishikado wants to know if Doumyouji and Tsukushi did anything perverted the night before, and uses Tsukushi's toy on him. (I guess Doumyouji had taken the toy Tsukushi had offered to him to use on the yacht back home with him) The toy says he did do something perverted. Akira and Nishikado get happy about this and demand to know all about it, he is 18 years old now, etc etc. Doumyouji gets mad and punches both of them, spilling his cookies.

They look surprised Doumyouji and Tsukushi haven't done anything yet. Doesn't he like Tsukushi? I think they offer to tell him the various ways, starting with the bra. (I hope I am not totally off on this) The next scene is of a bra (coincidentally enough) as Tsukushi changes into her work uniform. At work she thinks about Doumyouji.

Tsubaki has left the mansion and is walking in a park where she spots some white flowers growing. She stands there and thinks about plucking one. (It doesn't have thorns, unlike the roses at the mansion) when she suddenly remembers a time when she was a little girl, and was standing in this same spot going to pick a flower. A slightly older girl had approached her and said something to her about the flowers and why she likes them. Tsubaki remembers this and reaches her hand out when a voice speaks behind her, saying the exact same thing as the other girl had long ago. Tsubaki turns around and sees a woman that resembles the little girl. It is Urara-sensei! (yeesh, who is this woman?) Tsubaki and Urara-sensei decide to go out for tea. I get the impression that they talk about being wealthy but being trapped. Something to do with the beautiful expensive roses having thorns and the white wild flowers being easy to pluck, etc. Weird :)

At work, Tsukushi rants to Yuki about the whole situation. Yuki is impressed that they turned down so such money. Yuki wants Tsukushi to be happy at the school, liking Doumyouji will be difficult. Tsukushi thinks about herself and Doumyouji. Just then Nishida, Kaede's henchman arrives at Tsukushi's work and gives her a letter from Kaede requesting that Tsukushi accompany Nishida to see Doumyouji. Tsukushi agrees, and leaves work to ride in the limo to the Maple Hotel. Meanwhile, Doumyouji is walking down a street when more of his mother's henchmen surround him and tell him he is coming to the Maple Hotel with them.

In the car, Tsukushi remembers what Kaede said to her about leaving Doumyouji. Tsukushi gets mad at that stupid old woman. She is at first intimidated by the opulence of the hotel, but she firms her resolve, and when they walk through the hotel, Tsukushi stomps angrily after Nishida, attracting attention. At the hotel, Tsukushi sees Doumyouji's mother in a beautiful Kimono. Standing in a large ballroom, she can soon hear Doumyouji's voice yelling angrily at Kaede's henchmen. He is now dressed in traditional Japanese clothing and being held by some of the men. He struggles against them, but then spots Tsukushi, who he is surprised to see. He asks his mother what Tsukushi is doing there. Kaede says she has someone else for them to meet.

The other doors open and more henchmen arrive, this time dragging a girl in their arms. She is in a dress, and has bare feet. She struggles violently against the men holding her as they drag her in the room, calling them all sorts of rude names. Tsukushi just stand and stare at the new girl. When the girl stops struggling, Kaede introduces her as Ookawahara Shigeru, the girl to whom Doumyouji is engaged!

Toys used in the episode:
Akira and Nishikado use Tsukushi's toy from Rui to ask Doumyouji about doing perverted things during his night with Tsukushi.

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