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Episode: 38

Title: "Choukyoushite Ageru!", "I Will Train You!"


At the Maple Hotel, Tsukushi stands stunned as Doumyouji's mother has a girl brought into the room. She is wearing a dress but no shoes, and is struggling against the guys holding her. Doumyouji's mother introduces this girl as Ookawahara Shigeru, Doumyouji's fiancÚ. Apparently his mother and hers had arranged the marriage!

Doumyouji looks angry and glares at his mother. The girl continues to struggle. Doumyouji's mother says a few more things to which both Doumyouji and Shigeru violently disagree about. Both of them yell back at her.Doumyouji continues to complain, but the mothers just ignore him. Doumyouji's mother approaches Tsukushi and says something that leaves Tsukushi looking sad and speechless. It seems very mean (I wish I knew what she said!) Tsukushi is in a daze and mumbles about leaving, Yuki is waiting for her at their work. Doumyouji's mother's words cycle through her mind.

Angry,Doumyouji rushes forward away from the guys who had been holding him,intending to grab Tsukushi and run out of the place. He lunges forward, grabs her arm and drags her out of the hotel and keeps running, all the way through downtown. Finally he stops, panting for breath, and begins to mutter complaints about his mother and the situation. Hearing her gasping for breath behind him, Doumyouji turns and is shocked to see Shigeru standing there instead of Tsukushi!(DOH!) Doumyouji had grabbed the wrong girl. He tries to explain this, but Shigeru is not very receptive. She argues with him a bit,and both are equally good at tossing insults to each other. Shigeru is surprised by his rude behavior.

Meanwhile, Tsukushi is incredibly shocked and hurt at what Doumyouji did, grabbing Shigeru and leaving the hotel with her. She doesn't realize that it was a mistake. Tsukushi walks he streets and finally returns to work. Later on, she tells Yuki what happened, over a couple of sodas at a food shop. Tsukushi crushes her cup in her grasp as she relates what happened. (Amazing detail shown on the cup, I found that rather funny =) Yuki listens to this and suggests that Tsukushi is reacting this way because of some deeper feeling for Doumyouji. Tsukushi violently denies this.

Shigeru asks Doumyouji to loan her some money,and he says for her to take a taxi and pay when she arrives home.Shigeru hadn't thought of that. Doumyouji ignores her, thinking about things. Shigeru tries to get his attention, and he is rude to her.Angry, Shigeru finally runs at Doumyouji, jumps into the air, and lands on his back, biting his ear! (Gee, this sounds familiar :)Wrapping her legs around him, she hangs on while Doumyouji struggles to shake her off. Finally he does, sending Shigeru slamming into the ground. He leaves her there. Shigeru watches him go and decides he is a very interesting guy!

At home, Tsukushi has wrapped blankets around her telephone and stuck it in the refrigerator in an effort to stifle its noise. She isn't receptive to hearing from Doumyouji after what he did. At school the next day, Tsukushi has a cold, and in a generally bad mood. On one end of campus, a car has pulled up near the school, and drops someone off. That person hops the school fence and wanders on school grounds, wearing concealing sunglasses.

Tsukushi finds Doumyouji, Akira, and Soujirou in the cafeteria. She walks up to Doumyouji and congratulates him on his engagement. Doumyouji frowns at Tsukushi while Akira and Soujirou look surprised at the news. Tsukushi's expression is weird as she seems to be accusing Doumyouji of already knowing about Shigeru and his arranged marriage. (I guess she thinks he has been toying with her) Doumyouji protests, and says it was all his mother's doing, but Tsukushi kicks him in the gut and leaves.

Tsukushi has found a place to sit and leans back, thinking about the things that have happened. She is not happy, and wonders why she is feeling so jealous. Then she sees someone approach her. It is Shigeru! What is she doing here! Shigeru is wearing funky sunglasses and trendy clothing. Shigeru recognizes Tsukushi from the night before and asks if it is okay to sit next to her. Tsukushi agrees, but mentions that Doumyouji can be found in the cafeteria. Shigeru says she will see him in a little while then. Shigeru chats a little when Doumyouji, Akira and Soujirou find them instead. Doumyouji looks shocked/horrified to see Shigeru at school. He and Shigeru immediately get into an argument, while everyone else just sits and watches with bland expressions. Doumyouji takes a swing at Shigeru who ducks, then jumps up and punches out Doumyouji! He goes flying and lands on the ground with a thud and some other funny sound effects!

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi holds on to the voice memo when ignoring the ringing telephone that she stuck in the fridge.

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