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Episode: 4

Title: "Binbo na Futari!", "Commoner Duo"


The beautiful Toudou Shizuka has returned from France! Tsukushi hides and watches as Rui and the F4 all come to greet the beautiful model. Much to Tsukushi's amazement, Shizuka gives each guy a kiss! A kiss in greeting is unusual to her (This is Japan after all, not France :) The guys leave with Shizuka, intending to go out to eat at a nice restaurant.

Tsukushi goes home and eats with her family. Surrounded by her poor household, listening to her mother harass her father, Tsukushi notes that she lives in a different world from the F4, and that there is no way she could be a part of their world.

At the restaurant, Shizuka and the F4 guys catch up on each other's lives. Akira and Nishikado tease Doumyouji about Tsukushi. Doumyouji denies any interest in Tsukushi. They all also tease Rui about his attraction to Shizuka and the fact that he is so quiet. Rui is embarrassed, but doesn't deny it.

Tsukushi gets a loyal friendThe next day at school, Tsukushi is depressed over her thoughts about the differences between herself and the F4 and Shizuka. She doesn't respond to Doumyouji's playful teasing. That day in school, Tsukushi runs into a boy who seems to recognize her. It is Aoike Kazuya, a boy she knew from elementary school. They had been good friends, Tsukushi had been his protector. Kazuya, a fairly geeky but nice boy, had just transferred into Eitoku Gakuen after his family suddenly became rich. Tsukushi realizes that she needs to warn Kazuya about the F4, the red tags, and the hazing. They have lunch together, and Doumyouji walks in. He appears angry to see Tsukushi enjoying herself at lunch with another boy.

Later, Kazuya opens his locker and finds a red tag in it like Tsukushi had. A declaration of war. Kazuya is the next hazing target for the school. And the school wastes no time in attacking him. Tsukushi grabs Kazuya and runs, trying to explain the hazing rituals at the school. After much hazing and a nasty run-in with Asai, Ayuhara, and Yamano, Tsukushi and Kazuya finally break free of their tormenters for a moment. Tsukushi sees Doumyouji and runs to confront him about the red tag.

Tsukushi and Doumyouji argue, Doumyouji acting mad about Tsukushi knowing Kazuya. They yell at each other, Tsukushi telling Doumyouji that Kazuya is important to her, that he is her only relief in this horrible school. Doumyouji asks is Tsukushi loves Kazuya. Mad, Tsukushi replies that she does, many times more than she likes Doumyouji. Doumyouji gets mad at hearing this and slaps Tsukushi. Tsukushi doesn't like that, Tsukushi beats Doumyouji!and punches Doumyouji out then runs off to save Kazuya.

Kazuya and Tsukushi run from their tormenters, but still gets quite beaten up. They eventually run into the University side of campus and reach the cafeteria where they are pushed down to the ground by the guys after them. Tsukushi looks up to see that a crowd is watching this. The crowd includes the F4 guys (Doumyouji holding his bruised cheek) and Shizuka. Mortified that Shizuka is witnessing her humiliation, Tsukushi closes her eyes. Suddenly a voice yells at the guys to leave Tsukushi alone. Tsukushi finds herself raised into the strong arms of Hanazawa Rui!

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi shows the orange decision maker toy to Kazuya, who agrees that they are fun and are a fad at his school.

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