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Episode: 40

Title: "Koi no Hikigiwa- Bunkiten", "The Brink of Love's Withdrawal- Parting of Ways"


Tsukushi is standing on a bridge overlooking a stream at school. Looking out at the water, she remembers the events of the other day, when Doumyouji had grabbed Shigeru and run from the hotel. Tsukushi then thinks about Rui and her date with him. Is she still in love with him? She takes out the toy Rui had bought her on their date and looks ready to toss it out onto the water when Shigeru shows up, calling Tsukushi's name. Shigeru wants to take Tsukushi shopping. Shigeru has to go out with Doumyouji and needs a cute outfit. Tsukushi is obviously less than thrilled ^_^; Shigeru reminds Tsukushi that they are collaborating together. (Doh!)

At an expensive store, Tsukushi watches as Shigeru tries on one expensive outfit after another. (She looks good in all of them) Tsukushi sees an outfit she likes, but is shocked at how much it costs. After shopping, Tsukushi and Shigeru stop for tea. Shigeru talks happily and says something about Tsukushi getting a cool guy. Tsukushi thinks that Shigeru is a real lady, and she just can't hate her, she is very nice. After tea, Shigeru has her servants pack all of her bags into their car. Tsukushi looks on with a glum expression. Then Shigeru hands Tsukushi a package and says it is a gift. Startled, Tsukushi sees that it is the very same expensive outfit she had admired at the store. Tsukushi tries to refuse the gift, but Shigeru insists. She happily waves good bye to Tsukushi. Tsukushi is walking home with her package, wondering what to do about it. As she approaches her house, she runs into Doumyouji who is waiting for her. Tsukushi starts to turn the other way, but Doumyouji stops her. They talk, but don't seem to agree. Tsukushi reminds him that he grabbed Shigeru, not her, and ran from the hotel. Doumyouji seems to try to defend himself about this.

Tsukushi says something about Doumyouji and his fiance, and them suiting each other. Doumyouji doesn't like what she says because he suddenly lashes out and slaps Tsukushi across the face. Tsukushi grabs her cheek and stares at Doumyouji. Doumyouji just stands there and stares at Tsukushi, and then looks at his hand. Tsukushi takes a couple of steps away from him. They stare at each other (some more) in silence. Rain begins to fall. Doumyouji turns around and walks away.

At Doumyouji's mansion, Akira, Soujirou, and Rui are waiting in Rui's room, talking about the situation. Doumyouji walks home in the rain, wandering through the city. Because of the rain, his hair has become straight, and hangs down along his face (Cute!).

When Doumyouji arrives home, he trudges up stairs, dripping water all over the place. He enters his room to find the guys there. They all jump up at the sight of him and ask why he was walking in the rain, why he didn't take a car. Doumyouji doesn't answer them. Ignoring Akira's offer of a towel, Doumyouji goes into his bedroom and sits on the bed. He holds out his hand and stares at it.

Laying back on the bed, Doumyouji causes a wet spot to form around as the water runs off his dripping body. He holds up the hand that had hit Tsukushi and continues to look at it, remembering when he hit her. Then he brings his legs up and curls up on the bed in a sort of fetal position. He shifts again, and his face is pressed against the mattress. He looks so wet and forlorn! One of the most touching expressions I have seen on Doumyouji's face.=(

Tsukushi is also out in the rain. She is sitting on a park swing, rocking slowly back and forth, holding her bright red cheek. She remembers what Doumyouji, and thinks about what she said.

Tsukushi is at work, lost in thought. Yuki startles her out of her thoughts, causing Tsukushi to drop the money she was holding. Tsukushi can't stop thinking about Doumyouji and Shigeru. Then she sees Shigeru walk by the shop with Akira and Soujirou. Amazed to see them together, Tsukushi excuses herself from Yuki and runs out of the store calling Shigeru's name. Shigeru is happy to see Tsukushi, as are Akira and Soujirou, though not for the same reasons as Shigeru. Tsukushi asks what Shigeru is doing with the two guys, and she says they are on a date.

Tsukushi says a date with these two guys? Shigeru says yes, and then rattles off a list of all the things they have been doing. They went for tea, window shopping, to an amusement park, etc. Looking at Akira and Soujirou, Tsukushi notices they look somewhat ill. Soujirou walks up to Tsukushi, puts his arms around her and begs her to help him. He looks sick. Akira holds his hand to his forehead and groans about riding the jet coaster. They have been run ragged by Shigeru.

Shigeru talks about her day with the guys and manages to knock their pride (a huge cement block labeled ‘Pride' falls on them) as well as call them boring (another cement block falls, this one labeled ‘Tsumanai', ‘boring'). Then she announces that she has to go, but bids Tsukushi and the guys a happy goodbye and runs off. Sitting there on the ground, Akira and Soujirou look rather pathetic.

A little while later, Tsukushi, Akira, and Soujirou are sitting at a food shop, talking about Shigeru. Soujirou thinks she is a demonic monster. Akira doesn't look that thrilled about her either. They all have a long conversation about Doumyouji, Shigeru, and herself, Tsukushi says something about her being poor. They ask Tsukushi about the situation, and Tsukushi manages to seem unconcerned. However her eyes begin to tear up. Soujirou tells her not to cry, after all, he'll play with her :)(this coming from the playboy of course :) This makes her feel better.

Tsukushi is walking home when she finds Shigeru crouched out in front of her house. When she looks up, Tsukushi can see tears in Shigeru's eyes. Shigeru runs to Tsukushi, crying. Tsukushi wants to know what is wrong. Shigeru says that Doumyouji has asked to be with her/hang out/associate/ with her (basically be his woman, similar to what Rui said to Tsukushi way back when). Tsukushi is shocked, to say the least. Shigeru is happy, but she can't stop crying. Tsukushi just holds Shigeru and thinks to herself, 'congratulations'.

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi holds the toy Rui bought her on their date while thinking about him. She is about to throw it away (much to the dismay of all the execs at Bandai I am sure :) but is stopped when Shigeru arrives.

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