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Episode: 41

Title: "Atarashi Hibi no Hajimari", "The Beginning of New Days"


On the way home, Tsukushi gets to her house and is surprised to find Shigeru crouched in front of the fence on the ground. When she sees Tsukushi, she jumps up and grabs onto Tsukushi, crying. However the tears don't really seem to be tears of sadness. Shigeru announces that she talked to Doumyouji today, and he said that he wants to get to know her better/hang out with her. (He says the same thing to Shigeru that Rui had said to Tsukushi many episodes ago). Tsukushi reels in shock and hurt at this news. Doumyouji seems to have severed his connection to Tsukushi by announcing his intent to be with Shigeru. Tsukushi just holds on to Shigeru and doesn't say anything, just holds her. Shigeru continues to cry. She is happy, but can't stop crying. She asks Tsukushi what she should do. Tsukushi doesn't really have an answer.

Later, at home, Tsukushi thinks about all of this. She holds the voice memo. She tries to come to terms with what Shigeru told her. She finally tells herself it is okay.

At school, the next morning, Tsukushi arrives, and walks through the gates looking very depressed. She is in a trance and doesn't hear Makiko-chan calling out to her. Finally Makiko catches up with Tsukushi. Tsukushi is glad to see Makiko-chan. Makiko cheers up Tsukushi, and they run inside the school. Later, Tsukushi is sitting on the lawn with Akira and Soujirou. She is telling them what Shigeru said to her the night before. Akira and Soujirou can't believe it. They try to cheer up Tsukushi. Just then Kazuya appears, carrying bento lunches for himself and Tsukushi. Tsukushi is thrilled, she has always liked the lunches made by Kazuya's grandmother. Akira and Soujirou look with some skepticism as Tsukushi and Kazuya gush happily about the lunches and then open them up. Tsukushi offers the guys some, and they reluctantly try some. They seem surprised that it tastes really good.

Just then, Doumyouji appears, and sits between Soujirou and Akira. Tsukushi looks away from him. Kazuya leans right up to Doumyouji and asks him if it is true that he has a new girlfriend. Everyone else is horrified that Kazuya would ask that. Doumyouji looks at Kazuya and says yes it is true. Kazuya exclaims happily that he is glad, implying that now that Tsukushi is free, he will have a chance. Akira and Soujirou manage to shut Kazuya up before he says any more embarrassing things. Then Tsukushi takes a deep breath and says she is glad. She looks up at Doumyouji and says again that she is glad, and congratulates him.

Later, she is standing and watching the sunset, thinking about all the romantic moments she has shared with Doumyouji. (Flashbacks of all my favorite scenes from eps 6, 9, 17, and 29. She forgot the romantic moment in episode 35 though! :) Just then Urara-sensei appears, carrying some white flowers. She talks about the flowers and fate. Whatever it is, it makes Tsukushi think for awhile. (Urara-sensei is just really weird..) Tsukushi thinks that new days are beginning.

Shigeru and Doumyouji are out on a date. Shigeru is complaining to Doumyouji, who is walking very fast and far ahead of her. He tells her to shut up. Shigeru complains that this isn't a date. She starts to cry (she is faking it!) This makes Doumyouji feel a little guilty and he steps back to stand next to her so she can hold onto his arm. Shigeru cheers up instantly. She tries to get him to act more like a boyfriend. She thinks he is good.

At the Doumyouji mansion, Doumyouji's mother is getting an update on the situation from one of her 'henchmen'. He tells her about Doumyouji seeing Shigeru. Then she asks about Tsukushi, and her man says something that seems to satisfy her. Tsukushi is at home eating dinner with her family when they have an unexpected guest. It is Shigeru! Shigeru invites herself in and exclaims at the sight of the Makino's dinner. She sits herself down and helps herself, exclaiming at how good it all is. Everyone just stares at her.

After dinner, Tsukushi and Shigeru are in Tsukushi's room. Shigeru asks Tsukushi about kissing. (I am not sure if she asks if Tsukushi has kissed Doumyouji, or boys in general, arg!) I am not quite sure what Tsukushi's reply is here, but it reassures Shigeru. Tsukushi brings out the toy Rui bought her and they try it out. Shigeru is happy now.

The next day, Tsukushi meets up with Rui on the staircase and tells him what has been happening. Just then, they hear the sound of Shigeru's voice yelling out ‘Tsukasa!' Going to the balcony, Tsukushi and Rui look down and see Shigeru approaching Doumyouji below. Rui asks if this is Shigeru. Tsukushi is surprised to hear Shigeru mention her name. Listening in on their conversation, Tsukushi hears Shigeru ask Doumyouji if he and Tsukushi have kissed. Tsukushi is very surprised. Avidly, Tsukushi and Rui lean over the edge of the balcony to hear Doumyouji. (I am not sure of his replay, I think he says something negative) Shigeru asks Doumyouji to kiss her.

Tense, Tsukushi waits to hear what Doumyouji will do, and feel totally shocked/hurt/upset when Doumyouji agrees to. Slowly Doumyouji takes a step towards Shigeru, then another, and puts his hands on her shoulders, Slowly he leans forward and kisses her! Tsukushi can do nothing but stand above and watch.

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi and Shigeru play with one of the cute toys after dinner at Tsukushi's house.

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