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Episode: 42

Title: "Battari! W-Deeto!", "Battle! (??) Double Date!"


Tsukushi and Rui lean over the edge of the balcony by the stairs and look down at Doumyouji. Shigeru is asking him to kiss her. She has tears streaming down her face. Finally Doumyouji agrees. He walks slowly to Shigeru, gathers her into his arms, and kisses her. Rui and Tsukushi stare on with wide, unbelieving eyes. When the kiss is over, Doumyouji releases Shigeru and walks away. Shigeru follows after him.

On the balcony, Tsukushi is standing there in shock. Rui says something about Shigeru while Tsukushi just starts stumbling backwards until she has her back to the wall. Rui leans over Tsukushi and asks if she is shocked, to which Tsukushi replies that she isn't. Shocked? Who's shocked? Tsukushi makes a big show of explaining how happy she is for Doumyouji and Shigeru. Rui looks at Tsukushi's unnatural brightness and knows she is lying. He says something about this, and Tsukushi gets mad and throws one of her shoes at him. (Rui almost goes into Super-deformed mode here for a second. He looks so cute :). Tsukushi stomps off angrily, leaving Rui sitting on the ground holding her shoe. He says she is an interesting girl.

Tsukushi stomps down the hall in one shoe, replaying the kiss again in her mind. (We get to see this kiss replayed a LOT of times ^_^) Tsukushi gets to class and sits down angrily. She grabs her mechanical pencil and starts fiddling with it. She continues to think of Doumyouji and Shigeru, even adding some extra dialog between the two in her mind to embellish the moment. She becomes so angry that she snaps the pencil in two. Then she vents her rage on her poor notebook as she begins to frantically tear out pages from it. Asai and Yamano are watching Tsukushi and make a snide comment about Doumyouji having a girlfriend that angers Tsukushi even more. Tsukushi grabs one piece of her broken pencil and holds it like a knife, with the sharp, broken edge facing down. She walks towards the girls, but they scream and run away. Makiko-chan approaches Tsukushi and asks if she is okay. Tsukushi manages to calm down a bit. Makiko hands Tsukushi her missing shoe, given to her by Rui.

Tsukushi walks home from school, fuming more about the incident. Kazuya is walking with her, wondering what is wrong. Kazuya seems to think he has a chance with Tsukushi now that her relationship with Doumyouji is not so great. He tells her he likes her, but Tsukushi isn't really paying attention, or doesn't take him seriously. Tsukushi says that he is a good friend. (The kanji for friend, 'Tomodachi', appear above Kazuya's head, morph into an arrow, and pierce Kazuya's head, causing the back to explode :) Poor Kazuya is crushed and weakly waves bye to her as she runs off.

At home, Tsukushi makes dinner for the family. Her mother asks Tsukushi how she is doing with Doumyouji, and Tsukushi tells her Doumyouji has a girlfriend now. Mama freaks out, she is so upset! Tsukushi tells her his girlfriend is the daughter of the president of the Ookawahara group. This really impresses and dismays Tsukushi's mom. She moans that she should have taken that money offered by Doumyouji's mother. At dinner, the family wonders about how to pay back the money they owe, and Tsukushi talks about her part time job. (Wow, Tsukushi's brother Susumu actually has a few lines here, amazing!)

After work, Yuki and Tsukushi are walking home together. They are both exhausted. Yuki talks about the test she has tomorrow that she is not ready for. The two part, and Tsukushi continues walking home. It begins to rain. As she walks, she thinks about Doumyouji. Then a voice calls out to her, inviting her for tea. Tsukushi automatically refuses before she realizes the voice belongs to Rui, who is also out walking in the rain. The two stop at a shop for tea. She is surprised to see him. He likes to take a walk when it rains. She thinks he is weird. They sit and talk for a little while. Tsukushi enjoys Rui's company. Rui expresses a desire to go to an onsen (hot springs). Tsukushi is surprised, but admits that she loves going to hot springs too. Just then a voice near them calls out.

It is Shigeru ordering some cafe au lait! Doumyouji and Shigeru have arrived at the shop! Doumyouji and Tsukushi just stare at each other in shock. The air between them is very tense. Shigeru takes no notice and asks if Tsukushi is on a date with this guy. Tsukushi introduces Rui and tries to say it isn't a date. Shigeru invites herself to sit down with Rui and Tsukushi, moving Tsukushi over to sit next to Rui, and motioning Doumyouji to sit next to her. Tsukushi pretends to be happy, asking Shigeru if they are on a date. Shigeru says they are. Tsukushi laughs (she does the traditional anime villainess type laugh- "oh ho ho ho ho!" with one hand by her mouth. Weird to see anyone do this in HYD! :). Doumyouji looks very uncomfortable and angry. Rui is looking at Tsukushi and her show of happiness like she is crazy, or has grown another head. Shigeru is oblivious to any tension and cheerfully rambles on about herself and Doumyouji. Tsukushi feels nervous around Doumyouji. The look on Rui's face as he stares at Tsukushi is very funny :)

Doumyouji is very rude to Shigeru and is grumpy to everyone. Tsukushi tries to act okay about Shigeru and Doumyouji being together. Shigeru then jumps up and asks if they all want to take a trip together since there is no school the next day. They can all go to her vacation house. Tsukushi indicates she is busy, and looks at Rui, hinting that he should decline the offer, but he blinks and asks if the house has an onsen. Shigeru says it does, so Rui agrees to go. Tsukushi falls over at this reply. ^_^ So the four of them are in a car heading to Shigeru's vacation house and the hot springs. Shigeru is chattering away aimlessly. Rui looks out a window. Doumyouji is in the front seat brooding. Tsukushi is worried about what will happen.

Toys used in the episode:
I didn't see any toys used in this episode! Recently there has been little sign of the toys. And a new toy has not been introduced since episode 29! Wow, Bandai needs to get on the ball here and add more toys! :)

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