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Episode: 44

Title: "Omaejya dame da!", "It can't be you!"


Tsukushi and Rui are lying side by side together under some covers on a pallet on the floor. They are holding hands under the covers. Tsukushi is lying on her side, talking to him. She seems to be using Rui as a support for her hurt feelings over Doumyouji. She asks Rui about his saving her from the bath, and he talks about Shigeru's running around screaming. He says she has a very loud, impressive voice. Tsukushi remembers their dinner before the bath. They talk about how open Shigeru is, like a grade school student, and compare her to Tsukasa. They are alike but not alike. Tsukushi laughs. Rui says he is glad she finally laughed because she has been looking depressed and ugly for awhile. Tsukushi says to stop acting like her brother and hits him with a pillow. He laughs. Tsukushi looks at Rui's laughing face and remembers their kiss on the beach. She thinks that even though she may not call her feelings for Rui love anymore, she will like him forever.

Shigeru is standing naked in front of Doumyouji. He does not look impressed. Shigeru wonders why he isn't interested in her. She can't believe he is taking her nudity so calmly. Shigeru begins to really lose it here, she runs into his room and puts her robe on. She says that guys must like to be peeping toms, liking to catch little glimpses of nudity instead of total nudity. She keeps talking about various ways to clothe her body to turn him on, while Doumyouji tries to interrupt her by repeating her name over and over. She ignores him. He tries to talk to her some more, but she covers her ears and starts screaming. Finally she stops and looks at him. He says he tried, but he is sorry, to which she replies asking if this is all a joke. She looks very upset and angry. He tells her it can't be her, that it is no good for them. Shigeru's eyes are very dilated and she is breathing hard. She grabs one of the chairs and hurls it through the window of the room.

In the other room, Rui and Tsukushi are sitting facing each other when they both start with surprise at the loud crash. Tsukushi wonders if it was a burglar, but Rui notes that the sound came from the direction of Doumyouji's room.

In Doumyouji's room, Shigeru stands in front of him, breathing hard, with her robe barely covering her. He is just standing there calmly. He apologizes again. This upsets Shigeru more, and she breaks something else. Doumyouji says that all he can think of is what are Rui and Tsukushi doing right now, alone in their room? His mind is focused on them. Shigeru does not look glad to hear this. She thinks Doumyouji is still in love with Tsukushi.

Tsukushi and Rui are very curious about what is going on. Tsukushi is getting worried and wants to go see what is happening. Doumyouji must be forcing himself on Shigeru! Rui thinks it is the other way around. Tsukushi decides to go take a look. Rui tries to stop her, but she is quickly out of the room. Shigeru asks Doumyouji if he still loves Tsukushi. He doesn't answer, but she says that Tsukushi was congratulating her on her ties to Doumyouji and that Tsukushi doesn't think of Doumyouji anymore. Shigeru grabs Doumyouji's shirt and starts to shake him. He just stares down at her with a calm expression on his face.

When Tsukushi arrives at Doumyouji's room, she opens the door to see Doumyouji in his back on the floor. Shigeru is on top of him, straddling him. Her robe is barely covering her nakedness. Tsukushi instantly jumps to the worst conclusion about what has happened, and runs from the room.

Back in her room, Tsukushi tries not to let on to Rui that she saw anything, but he figures it out.

The next morning, Rui wakes up alone. Tsukushi is outside by the water in a robe. She keeps thinking about her bad timing and what she saw. Doumyouji eventually comes out to the water and greets her. Tsukushi tries to think of something to say, but the only thing that comes to her mind is a congratulation to him on losing his virginity, which of COURSE she can NOT say ^_^ Doumyouji says he is leaving early, and for Tsukushi to tell Rui. She agrees.

Tsukushi meets later with Shigeru to tell her that she is leaving early too. Shigeru nods and says she will be staying there longer. Shigeru mentions the fact that the scene between herself and Doumyouji was very passionate. Tsukushi hastens her exit.

In a chauffeured car with Rui, Tsukushi sits dazed, replaying the scene she stumbled in upon over and over in her mind. Rui is amused at Tsukushi's blank state and begins playing with her hair. Tsukushi says that it is horrible to walk in on someone's H scene. Rui thinks it is okay sometimes, but Tsukushi is only upset because it was an H scene of Doumyouji's. Tsukushi objects to this and snaps out of her daze to find that Rui had tied little knots all over her hair. He looks at her and bursts out laughing and she yells at him ^_^. They continue to talk about H scenes and why guys would want to watch porno movies. Tsukushi stares out the window of the car lost in thought. She is afraid to admit her feelings for Doumyouji because then she would no longer be the same person she was before.

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These episodes are too serious for the toys! Amazing!

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