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Episode: 45

Title: "Sunao ni Nareba?" "Be Honest, Won't You?"


Tsukushi is walking down the street towards her house, having just been dropped off near her home by Shigeru's limo. She has just returned from her adventurous trip to Shigeru's vacation house. Images of the events at the hot springs, and the scene in which Tsukushi walked in on Shigeru and Doumyouji keep flashing through her mind. Shigeru straddling Doumyouji while wearing nothing but a towel.

Walking into her home, Tsukushi is greeted by a scene of chaos (this always seems to be the case =). All of her household items have been packed away into boxes! Tsukushi's mama, papa, and brother are all sitting there, looking depressed. When Tsukushi asks what is going on, her family is reluctant to answer. It appears that Tsukushi's father has either gotten a new job, or has been transferred somewhere else. (Not too sure about the details of this). Papa will now be working as a fisherman! The end result of all of this is that Tsukushi's family will be moving away! However Tsukushi will be staying in their apartment, living by herself!

Tsukushi can't believe what is happening, but does come to accept it. She leaves her house and goes for a walk, and thinks about her family. She thinks that at least now she will have some privacy. She imagines herself living alone, sipping tea and looking calm and elegant. Tsukushi's eyes are closed, and she is leaning against a store window. Just then, in her daydream, Rui is suddenly sitting across from her, and says something about thinking about Tsukasa and feeling bad. Tsukushi snaps out of her daydream. Her eyes are wide, and she claims it's not true! She closes her eyes again, and her daydream continues. She is opening a door in her apartment, wearing just a nightdress and a towel. She turns her head, and there on the floor is Doumyouji with Shigeru on top of him. Geh!!! Tsukushi snaps out of her daydream again, and freaks out, talking to herself on the street. People walking by look at her strangely. Tsukushi thinks *again* about Shigeru being on top of Doumyouji. (Geh, we see this scene SOOOO many times ^_^;) Tsukushi pictures herself leaning against a door, with someone or something on the other side trying to open it, but she is trying to keep it closed.

At work, Tsukushi tells Yuki about her new predicament. Yuki is surprised. She asks Tsukushi if she is okay. Tsukushi starts thinking if the first time she met Doumyouji, when she kicked him. And then other scenes flash by, her getting garbage thrown on her and Kazuya, Doumyouji saving her from being dragged by the car. Yuki does her best to support Tsukushi.

The next day, Tsukushi sees her family off. They are all packed up, and ready to leave in a moving van. Tsukushi wishes her dad good luck. They bid each other farewell, and her family leaves. Later on at school, Tsukushi is sitting on a bench when Kazuya comes running up to her. He asks if it is true about her new living arrangements, and Tsukushi confirms this. Kazuya is worried about Tsukushi, a girl living all alone. Tsukushi says she will be ok.

Just then, Doumyouji, Akira, and Soujirou approach. Tsukushi sees them and tries to hide behind the bench, but they see her. (and look at her strangely for being crouched behind a bench). Tsukushi sees Doumyouji, and the two stare at each other for a second or two. She looks away. Soujirou says something about Tsukushi going together with Rui and Doumyouji to Shigeru's vacation house. Kazuya looks shocked and whines at Tsukushi asking if it is true she was there with them. Akira and Soujirou play-act out the event of Rui rescuing Tsukushi from the bath. Kazuya gasps, 'bath!!' Tsukushi is upset and accuses Doumyouji of telling Akira and Soujirou about this. But Soujirou says that Rui told them. Akira and Soujirou kid around with Doumyouji about being at the bath, but he is unresponsive and walks away. Tsukushi is left there standing alone. Kazuya doesn't know what is going on :)

Tsukushi goes to the staircase and finds Rui already sitting there. She asks why he told Akira and Soujirou about what happened at the vacation house. It was very embarrassing. (I really wish I knew what he said in reply here =( All I could make out was the last bit, 'be honest, won't you?', the episode title). Tsukushi's eyes widen, and she looks down. Rui seems to be trying to force Tsukushi to be honest about her feelings, face up to them. He says to Tsukushi that she loves Doumyouji but before he can finish the sentence, she cries no! with her eyes squeezed shut, refusing to listen to him. Tsukushi replies with something about Shizuka and Rui's feelings that upsets Rui a bit. He stands up and faces away from Tsukushi. HE says something about what things are important to him. He walks away.

Tsukushi is sitting there, thinking that it is too late.

Doumyouji's mother is reading a report from her employee about Doumyouji being at Shigeru's vacation house. She is angry that Tsukushi was there also. Doumyouji is sitting outside, looking at the moon. Tsubaki joins him and begins to talk. I get the impression that she is offering him support, saying she understands his situation. (I may be off on this though O_o) Doumyouji thanks her.

At home, Tsukushi is looking up at the moon, thinking of Rui's words about being honest. She herself isn't sure she understands her own feelings. Tsukushi holds the green voice memo and asks it about being honest.

Toys used in the episode:
Wow, the green voice memo makes a last minute appearance in this episode as Tsukushi holds it and records into it when gazing at the same moon as Doumyouji.

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