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Episode: 46

Title: "Hariken Sekkinchyou!", "Within the Approaching Hurricane"


Tsukushi is at home cooking herself some french toast. She is thinking about how she is now living by herself, it is like the beginning of a new age for her. She remembers her discussion with Rui from before in which he told her to be honest about her feelings. Unfortunately, while she was lost in thought, her toast burned. (oops!)

At school, Tsukushi is walking with Makiko-chan, who asks her about living all alone now. Tsukushi says she is okay, and mentions the burnt toast. Tsukushi starts to think *again* about seeing Shigeru draped over Doumyouji back at Shigeru's vacation house. Makiko notices how spacy Tsukushi is, and snaps her out of her daze.

Later, Tsukushi goes to the staircase, but Rui is not there. Tsukushi sits down and thinks about Shigeru and Doumyouji, about *that scene* again, and feels very very sad. Suddenly, she jumps up and stands at the balcony rail and yells 'Idiot! Idiot! I'm such an idiot!'

In the lunch room, the F4 are together eating. Doumyouji is staring out a window and Rui is keeping to himself, but Akira and Soujirou are talking happily. They mention a new dance club, and invite Doumyouji to go with them. It will be a great party club with lots of girls. Doumyouji says he is not interested. (He looks very depressed) Akira and Soujirou look dejected at Doumyouji's answer. They turn to Rui and invite him. Rui, looking rather sullen himself, declines the invitation. Meanwhile, Doumyouji gets up and walks away.

Akira and Soujirou confront Tsukushi, and seem to be trying to get information from her about Rui and Doumyouji. She was at the vacation house with them, after all. Tsukushi wonders why she should have anything to do with this, and refuses to say anything to Akira and Soujirou, it is none of her concern.

Tsukushi and Makiko-chan are walking on campus. Tsukushi talks to Makiko about something, and I think she either invites her over to her home, or thinks about having people over, because suddenly an image of how rundown her apartment is really hits her, and she is embarrassed. But Makiko-chan thinks that all it needs is a makeover/remodeling effort, and volunteers to help Tsukushi. Suddenly they look up to see Doumyouji standing there, staring at Tsukushi. Makiko takes this opportunity to make a strategic exit, leaving the couple alone. Doumyouji says he wants to talk to Tsukushi. She says she has nothing to say to him, and turns to leave, but he grabs her arm. They don't move for a few moments after that. Tsukushi notices how warm Doumyouji's hand on her arm is, and is reminded of other times (Their kiss in episode 17, lying together under the blankets in the cabin in Canada, the time he faced Junpei's thugs and was beaten up...) but then she thinks that he is not hers. Doumyouji belongs to Shigeru! Tsukushi breaks away from Doumyouji and runs away.

At work, Tsukushi is in a daze again. She is thinking about Doumyouji (of course). Yuki notices how out of it Tsukushi is, and brings her back to the present. Yuki asks Tsukushi if she is okay living all alone, it must be lonely. Tsukushi says she is okay. She is like a weed after all! Yuki still looks concerned.

At the Doumyouji mansion, Doumyouji is laying on a lounge chair outside, looking at the stars. He looks sad! He picks up the green toy that is on the table next to him. It is the toy from the Canada trip. He presses the button on it and watches as it scrolls the same message that it read the last time he used it, when he had dropped Tsukushi off at her house the morning after Doumyouji's birthday party, after the night they spent on his yacht. 'AISHITERU', 'I LOVE YOU'.

At school, Tsukushi is *still* thinking about the scene in which Shigeru was on top of Doumyouji. Just then she hears violin music and realizes that Rui is playing. She follows the music and finds Rui in the garden playing his violin. Tsukushi listens quietly for a long time as Rui plays. He notices her presence and stops playing. Tsukushi says she is glad to hear him play the violin again after such a long time. He does not look that excited about playing though. He says something about not being able to hear the voice of the violin.

At home, Tsukushi is looking depressed. She is thinking about Rui. Just then there is a knock on her door. It's Kazuya, Yuki, and Makiko-chan! (wow, Yuki and Makiko-chan in the same place at the same time! ^_^) They come bearing wallpaper and paint! They announce that they are there to help Tsukushi remodel her home. Happily, they all get to work putting up wallpaper and painting cabinets, etc. Eventually they finish, and the place looks much better! Makiko went out for food and returns with some bundles. They all sit down and eat, talking happily. Tsukushi thinks to herself that she has really good friends. Kazuya asks if Doumyouji knows that she is living all by herself. Tsukushi has no idea if Doumyouji knows, and doesn't think it is any of her concern. Kazuya is very happy now. He seems to still think that now he has a chance at winning Tsukushi. (Dream on Kazuya :)

The next day at school, Tsukushi arrives to see a crowd gathered. She hears a loud noise and investigates. She discovers that there are bulldozers tearing down one of the school buildings. They will be building a new set of buildings there. A voice behind Tsukushi says that the buildings will have the name of Ookawahara. Tsukushi is shocked. It is Shigeru standing there. She is wearing the Eitoku school uniform!

Toys used in the episode:
Yay, Doumyouji has the green toy from Canada. He stares a the 'Aishiteru' message on the screen while he sits at home looking sad =(

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