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Episode: 47

Title: "Tenkousei- Shigeru no Hamon!", "Exchange Student- Shigeru's Ripple! "


Tsukushi and Kazuya watch the demolition of the old school buildings and wonder what is going on. Just then a familiar voice behind them says that they are tearing down the old buildings to make way for some new ones, bearing the name of Ookawahara. Tsukushi and Kazuya are shocked to find Shigeru standing there in an Eitoku school uniform. Shigeru is a new transfer student to Eitoku Gakuen! Tsukushi doesn't want to believe it, what a nightmare!

In the lunch room, the F4, minus Rui, are eating lunch when Shigeru arrives. She immediately pounces on Doumyouji who also looks totally surprised to see her in school. He tries to shake her loose, but she clings to him and bites on his ear gently. Doumyouji freezes and looks embarrassed. Akira and Soujirou look a bit confused. Shigeru eventually lets him loose and shows off her Eitoku school uniform.

Not too far away, Tsukushi watches the scene with Shigeru and Doumyouji unfold in front of her. She remembers *again* the scene with Shigeru on top of Doumyouji at the vacation house. Now she has to deal with Shigeru at school too! Tsukushi is less than thrilled at the idea. Doumyouji is angry with Shigeru for her over enthusiastic attention towards him. She keeps clinging to him. But when he looks down into her face, he remembers her wearing just the robe and crying over his rejection. He seems to feel a bit bad, so he relaxes his angry attitude. I also think he reminds her that they are no longer a couple. Shigeru understands. Just then Doumyouji notices Tsukushi on the other side of the room watching them. Tsukushi has turned around and is walking away. Doumyouji watches her leave.

In class, Asai, Ayuhara, and Yamano are talking about the arrival of Shigeru and her relationship to Doumyouji. They make a bunch of mean comments as usual. Kazuya and Sakurako overhear Asai and friends talking and they both get upset. Sakurako (wow, haven't seen her in a while) gets angry.

Walking on campus, Tsukushi is confronted by Asai, Ayuhara, and Yamano, who want to speak to her privately. Looking out a window of the school building, Shigeru watches Tsukushi and the other girls walk off. Tsukushi agrees to a private talk, and the four girls go to a staircase. Tsukushi is standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking up at the other three girls. Asai & Co. begin to really rub it in on Tsukushi about Shigeru and Doumyouji's relationship, going on about how Tsukushi was just some sort of peasant girl. Tsukushi begins to get mad at the abuse and her expression turns angry. She is Tsukushi the weed! Tsukushi gets so mad she is about to charge up the staircase and attack the girls when suddenly there is someone above them. It is Shigeru, who is flying through the air. Shigeru had jumped from the top step, over Asai & Co., to land next to Tsukushi. Shigeru begins to defend Tsukushi, saying they are friends!

Shigeru faces off with Asai, Yamano, and Ayuhara. She is able to handle those three very well. Shigeru stresses the fact that Tsukushi is her most important friend. Tsukushi can't understand Shigeru. Shigeru continues to insult the other girls, and finally has them so cowed that she simply shoos them away, and they take off running. Tsukushi thanks Shigeru for the help.

In class, Tsukushi is startled to find a note in her desk. It is from Sakurako, asking Tsukushi to come meet her on the school roof. When Tsukushi gets there, she finds a scene unfolding before her. Sakurako is standing there with Shigeru. It seems Sakurako had given Shigeru a similar letter. Now as for the dialog here, I am not quite sure. The IMPRESSION I get from this scene is that Sakurako is very angry with Shigeru. Sakurako had loved Doumyouji, remember, but she had eventually given him up to Tsukushi. Now Shigeru comes along and takes Doumyouji from Tsukushi. This makes Sakurako angry. Sakurako was willing to give up Doumyouji to Tsukushi because she liked and respected her. But to see Doumyouji with Shigeru? This was not acceptable! Sakurako wants Shigeru to give up Doumyouji. (remember, this is what I believe Sakurako is saying. It is a lot like how Ginta was feeling in the second half of Marmalade Boy).

Anyway, Shigeru listens to Sakurako give her speech about Doumyouji. She doesn't look very concerned, and when Sakurako finishes, Shigeru actually looks happy! She says she really likes this new school of hers and all the interesting people. She walks up to Sakurako and hugs her and says she is cute! Sakurako just stands there, totally dumbfounded. Shigeru is good at throwing people off balance!

Later, Tsukushi is at the staircase, thinking about the events with Sakurako and Shigeru. A few minutes later, Rui arrives and sits down next to Tsukushi. They talk for a bit, and Tsukushi actually laughs. She and Rui laugh together, and Tsukushi realizes that for some reason, she is feeling happy again. But suddenly their laughter is cut short by the arrival of Shigeru!

Shigeru has found Rui and Tsukushi. She immediately runs up to Rui and greets him. She has to ask him his name again because she forgot it. Then she makes some insinuating comments wondering why Rui and Tsukushi are meeting here together. After all, they even shared a room together at Shigeru's vacation house. Tsukushi goes to protest Shigeru's words when she starts to remember that night, and sleeping with Rui under the same covers. She remembers how nice he was and how they held hands. Shigeru chatters on happily, and says that the four of them should all go on another trip together. This idea horrifies Tsukushi, but Rui agrees that it sounds like a good idea, especially to go to another hot springs. Tsukushi is speechless.

Then the sound of soft footsteps can be heard clicking on the pavement, coming closer. Someone is approaching them on the stairs! Tsukushi feels the presence of the newcomer and looks up to see none other than Shizuka! Shizuka is standing on the stairs a few steps below them. She looks very beautiful and elegant. Everyone is speechless. Rui's eyes are glued on Shizuka's form, afraid to look away as if she would disappear in the blink of an eye. Rui can barely gasp Shizuka's name. He presses himself up against the wall of the building, an expression of longing and shock on his face. Tsukushi is shocked speechless too! She can only stare as Shizuka greets them. She has returned from France to see Rui!

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