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Episode: 48

Title: "Ryuugaku suru shikanai?!", "Study Abroad (?)?!"


Rui stands there stunned as he is faced with Shizuka, who has just returned from France! Tsukushi is shocked as well! Shigeru looks confused, she has no idea who Shizuka is, or what her relationship with Rui is. Tsukushi can tell from the expressions on Rui's and Shizuka's faces that this would be a good time to leave them alone, so she grabs Shigeru and forces her out the door and into the school, leaving Shizuka and Rui on the staircase. Tsukushi had dropped her toy outside before leaving the staircase, so she pauses to go back and get it and overhears Shizuka's confrontation with Rui. Shizuka talks about missing Rui, about hearing his violin. Rui looks positively cornered for a few minutes, but then his expression changes and he grabs Shizuka and hauls her into his arms and they hug. It seems Shizuka and Rui have reunited as a couple once more! Tsukushi is happy for them. She picks up her toy and leaves the couple alone.

Shigeru is confused and asked who that was. Tsukushi explains that Shizuka is not just a pretty face. She is also very intelligent. Doumyouji approaches them, and Shigeru happily announces Shizuka's arrival to him. Doumyouji is surprised and looks to Tsukushi for confirmation. Tsukushi gives it, and Doumyouji turns to go see the happy couple. However Tsukushi grabs Doumyouji and tells him that he shouldn't interrupt Rui and Shizuka yet. Doumyouji gets all annoyed at Tsukushi and the two face off (like old times!). Shigeru looks at the two like they are a bit crazy and breaks them up. Doumyouji turns and walks away in one direction, Tsukushi in the other. Shigeru is left standing there, somewhat confused.

Tsukushi walks across the campus and sees a small crowd gathered around the bulletin board. She investigates and sees a bulletin announcing a new study abroad program. There was going to be a test you could take to be accepted into the program and would get to study in America (Boston). Tsukushi reads the bulletin and decides to apply to take the test.

Later, she is walking outside and comes across Rui, who is playing his violin again. Tsukushi stops and listens to him play. He stops playing when he notices her. Tsukushi asks him is he can hear the voice of his violin, and he says yes he can. Rui then says that he is going to France. Tsukushi then says that she plans to leave as well. Then Rui says something about Tsukushi and Shizuka and begins to play his violin again. Tsukushi is definitely going to take that test!

Kazuya is happy to hear Tsukushi's news about the test because he plans to take the test too! Shigeru is shocked and unhappy at the news as they all sit in the cafeteria eating lunch. Shigeru has stopped wearing her Eitoku uniform, and now dresses casual like the F4.

The F4, minus Rui, are hanging out talking about Rui and Shizuka when they see Shigeru running at full speed right at them. She is yelling about the news that Tsukushi is going to take the test to go to America. Shigeru is really upset. Doumyouji looks annoyed at Shigeru and acts like he is unconcerned. Tsukushi hears his comments and gets mad at him as she overhears him making some unkind comments. She yells at him and walks away with Shigeru chasing after her. Akira comments about bad timing. Doumyouji watches her go and looks a bit solemn.

At home, Tsukushi stays up every night studying hard for the test. She really wants to pass it. Everywhere she goes, she has a book to study with. She is very distracted and absorbed in her studying. Kazuya and Shigeru are worried about her. Doumyouji watches Tsukushi's studying. Akira and Soujirou seem to be worried about him with Tsukushi leaving for America. Doumyouji makes some silly comment about not knowing French, and Akira has to remind him that they speak English in America, not French ^_^;

Tsukushi walks around with the book in front of her and bumps into Rui, who looks at it. She explains her decision to take the test. He questions her about her feelings again.

At home, Tsukushi is studying hard again when there is a pounding at her door. It is Shigeru, Akira, Soujirou, Kazuya, Sakurako. They have brought a lot of food and want to celebrate her test-taking! (and keep her from studying at the same time ^_^) Akira comments about the poor apartment Tsukushi lives in. Tsukushi is very irritated! She tries to go back to studying, but the others won't let her, they want her to party! Finally she caves in to Shigeru and Sakurako's determined pleas to enjoy herself and not to stress about the test. Tsukushi ends up dozing off on her balcony. When she wakes up, it is early. She tip toes over the sleeping bodies of everyone (who apparently decided it was a sleep over party) and leaves to take the test at school. When she arrives at school, Tsukushi is exhausted from the party. She's yawning and bleary eyed.

Trudging down the hallway, Tsukushi arrives at the classroom where the test is to be given. But there is someone there waiting for her. It's Doumyouji! And he has something for her, a large cup of coffee, which he hands to her. Tsukushi accepts the brew and sips it gratefully. They, of course, don't hit it off that well, and Tsukushi ends up snapping at him again. Soon she leaves to go take the test.

During the test, Tsukushi is still drowsy, but manages to keep working at it. Kazuya has fallen asleep during it. After the test is over, Tsukushi lays on the grass outside of school, and thinks she is glad it is over.

The next morning, the grades are posted, and Tsukushi looks to see if she passed it. Slowly and carefully she scans the list of student numbers, looking for her own #123. She scans down a list and there is is. #123! Tsukushi passed! She will be able to go to America to study!

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi drops the green voice memo on the staircase after Shizuka arrives. Going back to retrieve it allows her to overhear the conversation between the reunited couple.

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