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Episode: 49

Title: "Futari no Atarashii Kankei", "Their New Relationship"


Tsukushi passed the exchange student test! She will be going to America to study abroad! Later, everyone arrives at school, and there is a crowd gathered around the bulletin board. Everyone is shocked to see Tsukushi's name there. Asai & Co. are angry and make a lot of mean comments. Sakurako and Kazuya defend Tsukushi. They, along with Makiko and Shigeru, are surprised to see that Tsukushi passed, but are very happy for her. Kazuya is happy for Tsukushi, but is also very sad too because he will miss her!

The F4 arrive at the bulletin board, and Doumyouji sees that Tsukushi passed. He stares at her name for a while. Akira and Soujirou are amazed to see Tsukushi passed as well, and talk about her. Doumyouji turns around and walks away without saying a word. The rest of the F4 follow. Tsukushi then arrives at the bulletin board again, just to make sure she didn't imagine seeing her name before. She sees it is still there. Kazuya sees Tsukushi and calls out to her. Her friends gather around her and congratulate her on passing the test. Kazuya is still sad, but tells Tsukushi to do her best! Shigeru looks very sad about Tsukushi leaving.

By herself, Tsukushi walks to that spot in the garden where Rui plays his violin. She thinks about the past, and of meeting Rui here. He can hear the voice of his violin now. She remembers Rui and Shizuka's reunion, and then thinks of the time Rui told her to be honest with herself.

Shigeru arrives in the garden where Tsukushi is thinking. Shigeru is still wearing street clothes instead of her uniform. Shigeru approaches Tsukushi and begs her not to go away. She will miss Tsukushi very much, and things will be boring without her. Tsukushi says she has to go, she can't stay. Then she runs away from Shigeru, thinking that she has to leave for Shigeru's sake, for her own sake.

Shigeru watches Tsukushi running away, and looks sad. Just then Urara-sensei arrives. Whatever the amazing Urara-sensei has to say to Shigeru about Tsukushi, it is enough to leave Shigeru standing there thinking. (What does Urara-sensei always say that manages to be so important every time?)

At the end of the day, Tsukushi is at the bulletin board looking at her name. Doumyouji arrives, and comments on how poor-girl Makino will be an exchange student. Tsukushi manages to brag a little about going away, talking about being bilingual. However she and Doumyouji manage to start snapping at each other fairly quickly. Tsukushi gets mad and goes to hit Doumyouji, but as she moves forward, he steps aside. As Tsukushi goes past, he grabs her arm and yanks her to him in a tight hug. Tsukushi allows herself to be hugged. Then they stare at each other. Tsukushi can't take it, and turns and runs away, saying 'Bye bye Doumyouji'.

At the Doumyouji mansion, Doumyouji is walking down a hallway. He has just gotten out of the shower/bath because he is in just his pajama bottoms, and is toweling his wet, straight hair. (Woo hoo :) He walks by his mother's office, where she is talking with her henchman. She is talking about getting Tsukushi out of the way and paving the way for Shigeru and Doumyouji. It seems that Doumyouji's mother had rigged the test Tsukushi took so that she will be sent off to America, leaving Shigeru and Doumyouji together! Doumyouji figures this out and storms into the office. He is VERY angry! He YELLS at his mother and pounds on her desk. This looks like the first time he has really ever stood up to her. Kaede explains about the Doumyouji family and basically sounds like she is saying snobby things :) Doumyouji pounds the desk again, throws his towel at his mother's face, and storms out of the office!

At home, Tsukushi is on the phone with Yuki, telling her the good news about her test results. Yuki is excited! Tsukushi is happy, but not completely. She keeps seeing Doumyouji's face floating around her. Yuki talks about how much fun Tsukushi will have, and about getting a cute gaijin (foreigner) guy!

Doumyouji is outside, and he is running hard. He's on his way to Tsukushi's place! He has to tell her the news!! Tsukushi hangs up the phone with Yuki, and walks to her window where she stares outside and thinks about everyone. She remembers the time when everyone came over to help her fix up her apartment. She sits down on the window sill and pulls out the little toy she got on her date with Rui. She asks it a question about her future and being away, but doesn't like the answer it gives her. Just then she hears a pounding on her door!

Tsukushi wonders who it could be. Then she hears his voice calling her name. It's Doumyouji! She opens the door, and he walks right into her apartment. Tsukushi wonders what he is doing here. Doumyouji faces Tsukushi, his expression is very serious. He grabs her shoulders and tells her what he overheard in his mother's office. He tells her about the rigged test. Tsukushi is in shock, and falls to her knees. Doumyouji kneels down next to her, his hands still on her shoulders. Tsukushi looks very sad and upset at the news. Then she says that she will go anyway. Doumyouji is shocked and upset! He grabs Tsukushi and hugs her! Idiot! no! he says.

Tsukushi throws back the fact that Doumyouji and Shigeru are together. However Doumyouji says they are no longer a couple! Tsukushi stumbles away. No way! She can't believe it! She is thinking of the time when she walked in on Shigeru and Doumyouji. Doumyouji says he told Shigeru that it can't be her. He remembers the scene when he told her, and Shigeru had grabbed him and shook him and was going to throw the chair through the window at the vacation house.

Tsukushi says she doesn't understand. Doumyouji wants to be with Tsukushi. Tsukushi wonders if it could be true, that Doumyouji still cares for her.. Doumyouji approaches Tsukushi, places his hands on her shoulders and leans close to her. Tsukushi raises her hand and pulls away. She says they are from different worlds. Doumyouji doesn't seem to care. He says something that gives Tsukushi hope. Then he says something totally stupid that gets Tsukushi angry/annoyed at him. She whirls around and goes to yell at him. However he seizes the moment. Doumyouji places a hand on the back of Tsukushi's head, and presses her close and kisses her! Go Doumyouji!

Tsukushi's eyes are wide open in shock as Doumyouji kisses her. Then slowly she closes them. She leans into Doumyouji and then wraps her arms around him! She grasps the material of his shirt and holds onto Doumyouji tightly as they keep kissing. In her mind, she and Doumyouji are floating in space, holding each other. She says something about believing now. Doumyouji and Tsukushi stand side by side, facing the sunrise out of Tsukushi's window. Doumyouji's hand is on Tsukushi's shoulder, and she brings her hand up to cover his and leans close to him. He looks down at her, his expression very tender. Tsukushi thinks that this is the beginning of their new relationship. (Awww! :)

(But hey, the series isn't over yet! 2 more eps to go!)

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi uses the toy Rui bought her to ask it something about her trip to America.

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