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Episode: 5

Title: "Kare to atashi to aitsu", "Him, Me, and That Guy"


Hanazawa Rui has lifted Tsukushi up in his arms and stands facing her and Kazuya's attackers. He yells at them to stop playing these childish games and go away. Everyone stares in shock at Rui, surprised that he is helping Tsukushi. Tsukushi is in shock too.

Doumyouji VS Rui!Doumyouji comes up to Rui and they argue about her. Douumyouji announces that he is no longer friends with Rui and doesn't want to talk to him ever again. Then Doumyouji grabs Tsukushi and attempts to take her away from Rui. Rui holds on though, and Tsukushi finds herself to be like a rope in a game of tug-o-war. She is being pulled in two directions. When her uniform begins to rip (how many uniforms does she go thorugh in this series? yeesh :) Tsukushi gets mad and beginss to struggle, breaking free of the both of them, and falling to the ground.

Stuck there, Tsukushi lays there for awhile. Suddenly she sees a hand reaching for her. It is Shizuka, offering to help her up. Tsukushi takes her hand and they go to the bathroom where Shizuka freshens up Tsukushi's ragged appearance. Shizuka helps TsukushiShizuka hints that perhaps Rui likes Tsukushi. He has never showed emotion in public like that before. Tsukushi refuses to believe this.

Tsukushi changes from her torn and mangled school uniform to her gym clothes. She meets Rui on the staircase and tries to thank him for helping her earlier. He says that Doumyouji was irritating him. Later, Tsukushi runs into Kazuya. He is wearing a pot on his head for his protection like a war helmet. Tsukushi suddenly isn't feeling well. Kazuya invites Tsukushi to his family's vacation property over in Atami for summer vacation, and Tsukushi agrees before feeling too ill to stand and passing out.

Tsukushi is home in bed with a cold. She is reading some manga :) If you look closely, you can see that she is reading the Hana Yori Dango manga. And if you pause it as it flashes the pages she is looking at, you can see that she is reading ahead in her own story, namely a scene from the party in episode 10 =) No wonder Tsukushi is laughing so hard!

Doumyouji has a confrontation with Rui in which he refuses to apologize. Rui and Doumyouji seem to be in a state of hostility over Tsukushi and are not talking to each other. Doumyouji learns that Tsukushi is sick, and decides to go visit her.

Tsukushi is shocked that Doumyouji would come to her house. She is very embarassed and flustered. When Tsukushi's parents learn who he is, they bustle around, kissing up to him like crazy. Tsukushi's mom invites him to dinner. Doumyouji, amazingly enough, acts very kind and polite to Tsukushi's parents. On the other hand, when he is alone with Tsukushi, he tells her he is visiting her because he heard she was sick, and he wanted to see her weak face. He comments on the small-ness of her home, saying it is about the size of his bathroom. In general, they are rude to each other. however Tsukushi's mom prevents Tsukushi from punching Doumyouji =)

At dinner, Doumyouji is as polite and kind as he can be, considering he is eating the poor fare that Tsukushi's family eats instead of his fancy food. Tsukushi is reminded that Doumyouji has been raised with polite manners and such and is from a wealthy family.

After dinner, Tsukushi's parents force Tsukushi to walk with Doumyouji home, in an effort to get them together. As they walk, Doumyouji compares Tsukushi to her mother. He reveals that he didn't really like the food they ate, but was being polite. He then asks if Tsukushi is going to Hawaii for summer school, She says she can't because she's so poor.Doumyouji offers to pay her way, but Tsukushi refuses, saying that she will be going with Kazuya to Atami for the summer. This irritates Doumyouji.

The next day at school, Doumyouji announces that he and the F4 will not be going to Hawaii, but rather the new trend is Atami! They will go there too!

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi had left the voice memo at her locker. Makiko-chan had found it, and recorded a 'Get Well Soon' type of message on it for Tsukushi, and then left it at Tsukushi's house while Tsukushi was out walking with Doumyouji.

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