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Episode: 50

Title: "Mou Oshimai Ni Shou", "We Shouldn't See Each Other Anymore"


Tsukushi is walking to school. No, she is hopping to school, actually :) Tsukushi, in a great mood after the last episode, is on her way to school, and as she goes, she crosses several hopscotch grids on the ground, so she hops in the circles and squares. Tsukushi is happy, however the music is strangely somber! What does this mean!? Tsukushi is thinking about what happened between herself and Doumyouji. She thinks to herself that she wants to see him, she wants to see Doumyouji. Happily, she tosses her school bag into the air. (We never do see it come down again, I hope it did!)

She reaches school, and sort of lurks around campus, peeking around corners and slinking down hallways. She is looking for Doumyouji, but can't find him. The music during all of this is very somber! It makes me worry! Finally, she comes across the F4. From their conversation, I get the impression that they haven't seen him. They are all talking, when Tsukushi spots Shigeru.

Seeing Shigeru reminds Tsukushi of her conversation with Doumyouji, how he told her of his talk with Shigeru, and his rejection of her. Tsukushi isn't sure how to handle meeting up with Shigeru. However Shigeru doesn't seem that concerned about all of that, she has other things on her mind, namely the fact that she has either just come from Doumyouji's house or she has just heard (I am not really sure about which) that Doumyouji has been shut away in his room, and that there are a lot of bodyguards there around the mansion keeping him from leaving! Bars on his window too!

This upsets Tsukushi, of course, so she takes it upon herself to go see Doumyouji. Later on, she is walking down the street towards Doumyouji's mansion, when suddenly, Rui is there beside her, walking with her. He is going to go to Doumyouji's place too! They walk for a bit, and are soon confronted by Soujirou and Akira, who have also decided to go get Doumyouji! Now it is all 5 of them, like a little army, marching to storm the castle that is Doumyouji's mansion! They all walk for a bit, and then they come across Shigeru in some bushes, trying to get into the Doumyouji estate herself! Everyone laughs, and bands together. The music is more cheerful now. They are going to get Doumyouji!

At the Doumyouji mansion, he is indeed locked up in his room. There are bars on his window, and guards around his door. The room he is sitting in is dark, and there is smashed furniture all around, like they had to fight with him in order to get him shut inside the room! He looks so sad!!!

Tsukushi and company arrive at the front gates. There are guards around. After a lot of standing there and looking strong and determined, Tsukushi steps forward and enters the grounds. The others rush to keep up with her. They all enter the house, with Shigeru taking the lead in calling out for Tsukasa. He is nowhere to be found. Tsukushi says Doumyouji's name. The scene flashes to the dark room where he is, and he starts as if he heard her and says 'Makino'. (Wow, they have some sort of bond with each other! Love telepathy :)

Then Nishida, Doumyouji's mother's henchman, arrives and directs them to a room where the mother is waiting. The room is very beautiful and elegant, with lush plants all around. There is some sort of pool garden that extends into the room, but continues outside of the room, on the other side of a glass wall. It is somewhat difficult to describe.

Now here is where I was ready to pull my hair out. There is a long conversation here between Tsukushi and Doumyouji's mom. I don't understand very much of it at all, but the two just do not get along! Kaede Doumyouji makes her opinions of Tsukushi rather clear. There is a picture of Doumyouji when he was a young boy that the two of them keep looking at. I think some of the issue for Doumyouji's mom might be her desire to control her son's life, but this is just a guess. But finally, Tsukushi says something about how pathetic or sad Kaede is. Kaede gets angry and slaps Tsukushi. Tsukushi stumbles back, but when she recovers, she comes right back and slaps Doumyouji's mother back! Everyone is shocked and silenced! WOW! Go Tsukushi!

Everyone is just standing there in shock when there is a loud crash! A table is seen falling to the ground outside the window of the room Tsukushi is in. It was thrown by Doumyouji, through his bedroom window. Glass is flying everywhere. Doumyouji jumps out of his bedroom window and lands hard. He stands up, sees Tsukushi & Co. in that room with his mother, and walks forward, crashing through the window to that room to get to her.

After breaking the window and entering the room, he just stands there, looking totally beat up. He has bruises and is bleeding here and there. Doumyouji looks like he will collapse any second. Tsukushi rushes forward, walking through the water of the little indoor plant pool to get to Doumyouji. He leans towards her and lays his head on her shoulder. She strokes his cheek and holds his hand. She helps him over to a place where they can sit down. They stare at each other, and Tsukushi brushes her hand through his hair. She takes her handkerchief and binds a wound on his hand. She kisses him on the cheek. Tsukushi begins to speak. I think she says things about believing they were at the beginning of a new relationship, but now she believes that it would not be a good idea for them to be together. She thanks him, and says they shouldn't see each other any more. Then she stands up, and turns away from him. Doumyouji stands as well, and looks at Tsukushi's retreating back.

Everyone is gaping at this scene. Tsukushi starts to walk away, and Doumyouji makes a weak gesture to stop her, but stops his movement. This is SO sad! Wahhhhhhh! She says good bye to him and good bye to Tsukushi the heroine. Shigeru and the rest of the F4 jump up and try to get Doumyouji to go after her, but he doesn't!

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi has the little green toy that Doumyouji brought on the Canada trip attached to her school bag. I can only assume that it still spells out the message Doumyouji had typed out on it back around his Birthday party episodes: 'Aishiteru' ('I love you') What is cute is that Doumyouji had this toy in episode 46, so he must have brought it with him when he rushed to Tsukushi's place and given it to her :)

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