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Episode: 6

Title: "Hitoyo no Shinderura", "One-night Cinderella"


Tsukushi has decided to travel with her parents and Kazuya to Atami for their summer vacation. When they get there, Tsukushi and Kazuya notice that they are the only young people there. Tsukushi's parents and Kazuya seem to be having a great time, but Tsukushi feels that there are too many people crowding them in, and he isn't having that great of a time. Tsukushi and Kazuya reach the beach, and are standing on a pier when they suddenly hear the loud horn of a passing boat.

The boat is a yacht, and everyone on the beach is staring at it because it is so huge, and it is so close to shore. Tsukushi and Kazuya see the yacht, and Tsukushi, much to her dismay, recognizes the guy standing at the ship's railing. It is Doumyouji, he has come to Atami!

The ship pulls close to the shore, and the F4 and Shizuka disembark. Tsukushi is surprised to see them there. Shizuka ends up inviting Tsukushi and Kazuya to a party on the boat that evening. Tsukushi is hesitant, but her parents freak out at the news and desperately want her to go. So she finally agrees. That night, Shizuka is working on Tsukushi's looks. Shizuka has let Tsukushi borrow a dress, and is working on the girl's hair, nails, and make-up. Shizuka looks beautiful as usual.

Doumyouji is in his room with his stylist, who is working on his hair. Doumyouji is having his stylist really work with the curly mass.

Cinderella TsukushiIt is time for the party at last. Everyone is in a ballroom mingling, when Shizuka leads Tsukushi down some stairs to greet the crowd. It is a very fairy tale moment as the crowd all stops and stares at Shizuka and Tsukushi. Akira and Nishikado are both surprised at how cute Tsukushi is. Everyone thinks Tsukushi looks beautiful. Tsukushi sees Rui, and then stops and stares at Doumyouji, whom she almost doesn't recognize. Doumyouji is stylin'!He has had his hair straightened! (yay, and it seems to be staying straight for once =)

A new dance starts. and Tsukushi stands by the side lines watching everyone. Doumyouji looks just about to ask Tsukushi to dance when some girls drag him away. Kazuya asks Tsukushi to dance, but she refuses. Staring out the window, Tsukushi imagines Rui asking her to dance, and her dancing around the ballroom in his arms. There are lots of pastel colors and soft lights, etc. Very mushy =) Tsukushi is shocked when the lights suddenly go out!

It is not an accident though. I believe someone has turned out the lights on purpose. Over a microphone, someone says something about using the darkness to kiss the one you like. Everyone rushes around in the dark, looking for their sweethearts to kiss. Tsukushi is jostled right and left and forward by the masses of people all moving quickly. Suddenly Tsukushi is jostled forward by someone in the dark, and she goes rushing forward, only to land with her lips right against someone elses! Tsukushi pulls back just as the lights go on, and has a shocked look on her face that matches the shocked look on Doumyouji's face as they stare at each other. Tsukushi's first kiss is with Doumyouji!

Toys used in the episode:
Tsukushi uses the voice recorder to say 'One-night Cinderella' into before she goes downstairs.

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